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Uhkapian serpent, how much?

Hello, I got this mojo and I was wondering how much you guys think it's worth? I know it's worth a lot but not sure exactly how much...

Here is the link, thanks for answers

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btw can't find anything close on gah or rmah
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While the 300 average damage and high int/vit is nice that mojo is missing three very important things.

1. It does not complete a set. This is important because a 180 int chicken becomes a 310 int chicken. Likewise a String of skulls lets you use a VoG (or the freedom to not use a Z ring).
2. You're missing 1/2 the possible roll for reduction in bear cost.
3. Zero mana regeneration

Mana regeneration combined with - bears allows you to spam bears and that increases damage greatly. Lacking this really kills the potential price. If your mojo doesn't have mana why aren't you using a scorn instead?

I would say it is worth at least 10-15 Million because people who don't know better will pay top dollar for a good stat stick. But when you consider what you can get for 15M in a chicken I would rather have that instead.
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thats a badass offhand... worth a good amount imo
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Yah I think it's worth more then 15m but I'm not the most knowledgeable
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The high top stats (avg dmg,int,vit)on a single piece is rare. I have a String with similar stats. I haven't been able to find anything close to it for 20Mil. Peeps in this game are CC/CD obsessed. 9.5 is huge on an offhand. While I personally would not buy an offhand without High mana regen, I'm sure someone would pay at least 20-25Mil for it. I don't know what a Vog is but there are plenty of nice Pox's around to complete a Zuni set.
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I would think that pretty conservatively, you would be looking at 500mil or more.

People raise some good points here like: even 10 mana regen would be better than -6 ZB reduction for most attack speeds, for example at 1.53 aps (knife + 9%wh) your saving 9.18 mana per second while casting.

But the counter point to that is that a 300 average damage mana regen mojo with 9.5cc and 260 int (or a 170int chicken) doesn't exist on the AH either. Let alone something that has those stats + 200+ vit

You could maybe compare it to a really good chicken, since a chicken could probably drop some average damage, since it is going to have 40-50 more int, but I don't know how much int you could drop. The crit chicken also does have % life to offset some of the vit you are going to lose, but you are probably losing some hp with the chicken compared to the vit serpant.

Even then I filtered 9.5cc 270 average damage, and there is one chicken at 499mil buyout 1d11h, and then they shoot up to 1.2bil+.

Comparing it to a ZSoS is tough though, since that opens up a VoG with crit and mana regen on the helm, ect.

Is it a perfect BIS mojo - no, I don't think a serpant can be BIS. But it is still probably worth a hell of a lot more than 15-25mil.
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finally someone that makes sense lol, thank you for info, i was lol when i saw some1 posting 15 mil lol
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05/05/2013 02:52 PMPosted by Glacius
finally someone that makes sense lol, thank you for info, i was lol when i saw some1 posting 15 mil lol

Are you suggesting that 500Mil makes sense?? :-)
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I've been camping AH seeking replacement for my serpent.
It is hard to find reduce bear serpent that beat my serpent in terms of EHP and DPS.
I think there is a breakpoint where DPS can outbeat 10 mana regen,
My opinion is 10 mana regen regen make no difference at all when you can effectively using Scarifice - Pride and have a constant continous supply of dog.
I wish it was a -10 reduce, I'll pay really big for that.
But if you want to sell it, you can add me.
I'll pay more than 25m of couse lol ^ ^
6 better than nothing after all
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OP I've owned and sold similar serpents. IMO its worth around a billion if you are patient. Some people don't need mana regen in their mojo, the vit is pretty ridiculous, the average damage is about as high as it gets and the int is well above average. If the CC were 10 and or the zombie dogs was higher reduction it would insta sell at 2b in AH.

Just my opinion.
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Its worth a good amount for those players maybe needing a little HP yet some posters have really hit the mojo off hand issue in the head when they say mana regeneration. Its not really worth a billion due to this missing link which is huge yet I am sure as raki has pointed out if you sit on it a while who knows what people will pay yet when the froggy's come out everyone is basically going to go that way.

It has almost all the stats anyone could hope for yet that mana regeneration is the one thing thats so hard to find on them with a high zombie charger reduction.

I would put it in AH at 500m and hope people bid away on it.

GL it actually is a real nice find and the ave damage is about as high as you are going to find let alone the int/vit roll on that thing xD.
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thanks everyone, gonna try and put it on ah, but yeah I need to be patient.
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that's a billion dollar mojo...and had it been available before i bought mine a few days ago, it would be on my wd right now
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