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[CONTEST] Free Archon Set: Come Play

Last bump before turning in for the night.
Also here: http://www.diablofans.com/topic/93441-contest-free-archon-set-come-play/

With all these "giveaways" going on, I decided to play my part and put together an Archon set with the following stats:

At paragon 0 (meaning fresh level 60 wizard):

216,564 unbuffed DPS
319,281 unbuffed EHP

294,197 DPS buffed with Force Weapon, Sparkflint, Pinpoint Armor
328,945 DPS buffed with the above and also Glass Cannon

715 unbuffed resistances to all elements (644 with Glass Cannon)
3,372 unbuffed armor (3,034 with Glass Cannon)

Fully buffed (including Glass Cannon) when in Archon form:

328,945 DPS
515,438 EHP (594,679 with dodge)

Other specifics:
HP: 47,132
Damage reduction: 85.24% (83.27% with Glass Cannon)
Life steal: 2.6%
Life per kill: 1,655
Movement speed: 24%


Now with all that out of the way, here are the items in question that provide those stats:


Mempo of Twilight, Vile Ward, Tal Rasha's Allegiance, Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit, rare bracers, rare gloves, rare ring, Zunimassa's Pox, Zunimassa's Trail, The Witching Hour, Inna's Temperance, rare sword, Triumvirate

Gear demonstration on MP8 (bear in mind I'm PL100); will still be easy mode on MP6-7:

- still uploading/rendering

So who's going to get all of these items (gems included), absolutely free?


Completely free.


The one who makes the closest guess to what I spent to put together this set (without gems).

What is this set, with all 13 items, worth in total?

I don't want to know what the Mempo is specifically worth, or the Triumvirate. Tell me collectively what everything is worth. This is a great way for newer players (or lazy players) to practice price-checking via the AH. What better way to progress than to do and learn things yourself?

I overpaid a little on some items, but managed great deals on others, so the number should be fairly "market level." Closest number wins. I have a screenshot of my AH history as proof when the time comes.

To be eligible:

- No purchase necessary
- North American server
- One guess only, but you are free to edit your "guess" post.
- You must main a wizard, e.g. approximately 80% of your playtime is on your wizard (80% is arbitrary, but basically most of your play time should be on a wizard).
- You must have a fresh wizard, not a paragon 100 one crawling around Inferno.
- You must have <40,000 elite kills in your total play history (I can adjust this number according to my own discretion).
- You must be an active wizard and not a loser.
- You must use this set yourself (i.e. do not give the set to your needy friend).
- You must not sell this set for profit. I will keep track of your battletag and I will be watching you and the items via DiabloProgress and D3up. Don't mess with my generosity. When the time comes and you want to upgrade individual pieces, I will understand. Point is to use and learn from the gear set.


EXPIRES ON FRIDAY, MAY 10, 2013 - 10 p.m. EST (barring an unforeseen world catastrophe).

I reserve the right to change the rules of eligibility at any point in time. Sorry for inconveniences.

Also my friends list is hovering around 97, 98/100. So please don't add me unless it's unrelated to this event and you actually have something important to tell me. Sorry for inconveniences again.

Will update more as the deadline gets closer. List of contestants will be logged.
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2,000,000,000 =[ hope i win.
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I will say 1.474 billion gold. :p
Edited by Genmai#1255 on 5/6/2013 2:13 AM PDT
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1.75 billion.
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Excellent giveaway ~ 2.121 Billion.

Good luck to all!
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my guess is 1,850,454,302 gold :)
Edited by SunTzu#6352 on 5/6/2013 6:21 AM PDT
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2 , 244 , 343 , 000

That's my guess if you bought out everything from the AH.

If you didn't buy out and instead bid and won that way then my guess would be:

1 , 500, 000 , 000

GL to everyone !
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Awesome of you to do this.
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666 mil
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Wide range of numbers here. Very interesting.

Keep it going! Plenty of time left until the deadline, so if you truly want this set, do your homework!
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I'm going to guess 1.285 Bil
Edited by ArseMagnet#1513 on 5/7/2013 12:03 PM PDT
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732,250,000 gold

hmmm I hope that the cost will be much less... or else it'll be a long way for my own archon to reach your stats

all of your gears are very nice!
and yes I know that I don't qualify ='(
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Interesting giveaway, I like it.

AH is not really helpful for pricing though...

I'd guess 235,450,500 gold.
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Wide range of numbers here. Very interesting.

Keep it going! Plenty of time left until the deadline, so if you truly want this set, do your homework!

Homework's all well and good, but a point in the right direction (weekend vs weekday; 50% BIN, 100% BIN, ballpark) would be very helpful
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^ Nope.

No hints :)
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865 million.
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928,258,462 golds.
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