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Hey fellow Auzzies and Kiwis. I have been stuck on the same DPS for a while now and aint really sure what the next upgrade should be. If any of ya's have the time to have a quick squiz at my gear and give a bit of advice, i'd appreciate it. Chur
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My advice:
Go to the specific forum for each class, there you'll get the best advice for your hero...
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For your Barb, new glove, new amulet & new off hand weapon.

Glove, with 150+ str 9% AS & 10% CC. That should be an upgrade.
Amulet, more average damage & CD would increase dps.
Off Hand, a better weapon around 1100+ dps with a socket should be an increase even with dropping some CD

Since you also are using the Bloodthirst skill you could change your belt for a Witching Hour. If your worried about loosing Vitality by changing some gear around, then you shouldn't have any trouble getting a 1100 dps weapon with a good amount of vitality too, to compensate.

Add me to your friends list if you have any trouble finding gear. I should have a few things you could have for free that would help.
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thanks blade for the advice. Will look at the gloves and off hand first i think :)
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Hi Drastik

First thing, for ww/sprint don't worry too much about your paper dps. tdps is a better indicator of in-game performance. See d3rawr.com for more info.

The trouble with an OH stat stick is that it becomes very expensive to upgrade after a certain point. I'd be inclined to take Blade's advice and replace it with a mace (or an axe, but the former tend to have somewhat more dmg). In priority order, look for high avg dmg, socket, high cd, high str.

Put that new purchase in your MH and the EF in your OH. Fear procs less on the OH, which is important for ww/sprint (you don't want the monsters running out of your nados).

That will leave you at 2.36 aps on both hands, between the 2.23 and 2.5 breakpoints. If you could hit the latter, you'd find it easier to maintain wrath and of course you'll do more damage. With a +0.24 EF, you need 4 attack speed items to hit 2.5 aps on both hands, usually 8/8/9/9.

Edit: grab a game with me if you want to talk in more detail.
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Cheers Gooball, ill catch up with u again in game at some stage
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Ive got a Sever and a Demon Tongue that you can have if you want.
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