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Fresh lvl 60 WD, critique/advice wanted

So I just recently hit P100 on my barb and decided I needed a change of pace from spinning all over the screen. I've always been interested in witch doctors so I decided to roll one. Just hit 60 today and was hoping some of you well versed witch doctors could take a peek at my gear and lend me some advice.


Couple of notes:

1)The crafted gear will be getting replaced as soon as I am able to craft some comparable intelligence gear.

2) I am still trying to figure out which skills I want to use, so any suggestions on skills are welcomed.

I am loving my witch doctor so far and am looking forward to hearing some of your thoughts
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your shoulders will be fine IMO(wait i didint check if they were str or int) but your ammy is your downfall right now. Go grab a Decent Tal Ammy like my own.
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Ya, I may do that until i can craft an ammy worth using. And my shoulders are vit, with life% and all resist, pretty solid for ehp but low intelligence so I will be crafting more in the near future
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you're well on your way.
zuni vision, pox and prowlers require much needed chc for a skorn wd as you may well know... these start to cost dear though.
and I guess you'll work on that shoulder and ammy...
apart from that, you seem to have done your study and are looking good.

try this build if you like


locust just there to give you a support of constant life leach while you land your nukes pretty much standing still regardless of whats down on the ground.

I move / run with a key board short cut instead of left click though.
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really need to upgrade that weapon gem ASAP.

Get a vile ward..... the one I am wearing cost me 2M and you can get one similar for about 4-5m if you watch the auctions (mine was unusually cheap).

You really need to put gruesome feast in the build. It's an amazing passive skill as it gives damage and mana when you need it most.

You should really change out ghost bomb. I'm thinking you should go with widowmakers as it looks like mana will be an issue. Also you shouldn't need GI and horrify for move speed buff. Try replacing Horrify with BBVD (rain dance if mana is a concern). Or you could go with locusts and devouring plague which also returns lots of mana. Depending on how it works you might be able to get away with locusts and BBVD and toss the "primary" completely.
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Thanks for all the suggestions guys!

I went ahead and purchased some vile wards and a tals ammy to hold me over till im able to craft something better. I swapped some skills around too, so far its been workin pretty good on mp7.
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was wondering about my wd i just hit 60 like 4 days ago
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I'm no expert, but from what I've read about witch doctors, it would appear to me that you could have a bit too much attack speed. I decided to go with minimal attack speed and a skorn for the higher crits and easier mana management.

I am curious, though, to if you are having issues keeping your mana up when spamming your zombie bears?

Would love to see some more experienced witch doctors comment on your build
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39k HP, PTV, way to much IAS, 0 mana management. Its a bad build for anything over MP0.
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pretty much here is what happeneds i normally run mp7 spirit walk in spam bears everything dies spirit walk again for mana and pick up health globes works ok buy on refelect packs it takes some time because i do too much dmg and not enough life back
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