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Just stopping by to mention that I believe the mechanics of DoTs and skills that applied damage every frame have slightly changed in RoS.

So far I´ve tested the Barbarian skills Rend, Earthquake and now Wizard´s Blizzard and they no longer apply the damage on monster health bar numbers (substracting values) every frame at a 60/sec frequency, but rather every 6 frames (10x per second).

Oh while I was writing this up I also checked Ray of Frost (channeling spell that applied damage every frame before) and Wicked Wind (you already know this but the LoH frequency of WW was changed to a steady 30 frames per tick and the proc coefficient is something like 0.0315), they seem to follow the same pattern when it comes to damage ticks (10x per second).

I guess this is to relieve the servers from the masses of calcs they had to perform or apply each frame - admittedly, the game could still be performing calcs on a per-frame basis and they only changed the frequency how often it applies on monster health bar numbers (the only way to figure out damage per tick of certain skills in vanilla).

In case people will want to start retesting everything.
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Thanks for the heads up.
I'm not sure if I should be bothered though... CM is gone, so Shocking Aspect is about the only thing that still works with those damage ticks. Everything else should be tied to LoH ticks anyways.
Still, RoS is going to be a lot of work.
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very Nice Topic ^^
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05/04/2013 09:06 AMPosted by apo
Ruby generally translates into more constant damage output, whereas emerald is more spikey.

Don't get me wrong, I love this compendium but I hate it when people formulate this. With all the cd people stack nowadays a critical hit will already be 4 or 5 times as damaging as a normal hit, even without an emerald. Going for a ruby instead of an emerald only reduces the spikiness by a minuscule amount.
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Well, you are right, a crit is around 4 or 5 or maybe 6 times a regular hit. But wouldn't you agree the difference between 4 and 5 or 5 and 6 already is worth noting? Not crucial, not game changing, but definitely not completely irrelevant either.
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It really depends on the build. Channeled beams and SNS and builds made of a thousand little damage ticks it should, in theory, be irrelevant. But something like zombie bears with low APS, as long as the damage was comparable I would probably take the ruby due to high mana cost, strange AOE, and slow ticks. It's annoying when you gotta channel bears for an extra second or two when you have something almost dead and you aren't getting lucky with a crit. So, my advice would be:

Smaller amount of difficult to manage large strikes: Ruby (unless emerald beats it by a noticeable amount).

All other situations: Whatever gives more DPS with buffs on.
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CB, that's pretty much what I say in the chapter. I do point out that especially for Archon or SNS the spikes are largely irrelevant.
Rayquorz just quoted that one sentence, so as far as I understand he is really questioning the overall relevance of that additional crit damage. Might be mistaken though.
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Does anyone know if the formula for Ray of Frost was changed on the PTR? I've tested some wizard skills and Ray of frost has an erratic behavior.

PS. Other oddities: Cold blood is no longer procced by M.missile-glacial spike, frost hydra and meteor-comet - last 2 I can understand as it's not you who is doing the damage.
lighning hydra has 50% proc for paralysis..
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I haven't tested anything yet. What seems to be wrong with RoF? LoH, APoC, damage?

For Cold Blooded the source of damage should not matter at all. Might test it later.
Edited by apo#2677 on 2/8/2014 5:18 PM PST
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Well new text for cold blood says "damage done by you". So that's a big nerf.

RoF- tested ony damage.
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Proc coefficients updated. There were a few "wait what?" moments.
Also, I have to say I absolutely loathe a) the new difficulty system and b) proc coefficients below 0.1
Testing this garbage is so incredibly annoying right now because there are no more monsters that die from single ticks and because even with 800 LoH I get procs of like 19 life from time to time. Yeah great, is that 0.0235 or 0.024 or what?

As a result, there are several rounding issues and some things I'm not entirely sure about.

PS: Everything else in this thread is still wrong. Will update over the next couple... months probably T.T
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Should be able to join a friend's level 1 game with your level 60.

P.S. Props for making this thread, way back when. Double props for working on updating it for 2.0.1/RoS.
Edited by mzy#1101 on 2/26/2014 1:45 PM PST
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Well, my last friend quit in 1.07 or so. As I'm not actually playing the game (and don't plan to do so until RoS), I don't get in contact with that many other players :P
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Even if you're not playing make sure you stock up on alll of your testing gear from the AH before it closes down!
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Apo, you are awesome. If I ever meet you IRL I'm going to buy you a beer and a steak. Or a water and a salad if you're a vegetarian. Or all 4 if you're that hungry.

Seriously, thank you for taking the time to do all of this for us, especially since you're not actively playing the game. We really appreciate it.
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^ I make mine Malakai's words. I was just thinking that this thread would be obsolete until you posted.

Thanks Apo!
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02/27/2014 06:41 AMPosted by BDF
Even if you're not playing make sure you stock up on alll of your testing gear from the AH before it closes down!

That was and still is my primary concern with the AH removal. But as far as legacy gear goes, I think I am prepared: http://i.imgur.com/PhvgJxw.jpg

Will probably get to do some cleanup work here and revisit proc coefficients this weekend.

Thanks for the kind words everyone :)
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02/27/2014 09:27 AMPosted by apo

That's honestly more impressive than people's vast collection of high end gear. Very, very awesome.
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And I just got a 0.6 APS hammer to complement my collection. Wohoo, jackpot!
Now the only thing missing is a 1.8 APS dagger. There is one on AH, but I'm not quite convinced it's really worth 999 million gold xD
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I can donate a 1.80 dagger.

These may actually have value for non-wizard utility builds so I bought/found some for storage. They're also the best new char weapon for abusing hellfire proc + hellfire avg dmg rolls.

Thanks for all your hard work!!!
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