Diablo® III

Auction Houses Temporarily Offline -- UPDATED


Thanks for the update!
Thank you Blizzard for looking into this huge problem. I feel that a rollback is in need to set things back to the way they where. Gold has no value at this time.
This game was finished months ago. 1.0.8's gold exploit was just the nail in the coffin. If you are still here, you honestly need to find another game.

At this point, Blizzard has no clue what they are doing with this game anymore. Taking months and months to prepare patches with almost no game-changing content. Multiple issues with item dupes in the past. The general pay-to-win structure of the game. It's all just pathetic to even think about. And now this?

GG D3 RIP in peace.
rollback, please. game life is in jeopardy
+ 1 vote for Rollback.
If there might be a rollback then WHY ARE THE SERVERS UP???? I played SO much today not even knowing anything about this. The second you thought there might be a rollback ,you take the server down! How hard is that??
rollback plz the duped gold has spread throughout the economy to basically everyone but selffound or people who did not look at ah today
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All of the above, Roll back-ban-remove rmah
As someone who spent significant cash on gold today before the dupe was made public, I feel... duped. I think I posted about another overflow bug here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8788648877

Hope you do the right thing. Thanks to people buying out every item for 2b gold, it seems like a rollback is the only option.
for the long term health of this game a rollback is needed. It will be painful in the short term but otherwise the AH will effectively be shot.
Thank you Lylirra & Blizzard for the post. I am curious though.... Will the people who received gold from the other people using this exploit be untouched if there is no rollback? Because it doesn't sit well with me the thought that this 69 hours played barbarian in trade chat offering 10 billion gold for the best barb set anyone can offer particularly fair. I don't think I can bring myself to play anymore Blizzard games if there isn't one. The impact is too large and the damage can't be contained completely via bans/suspensions etc. Rollback is the only answer at this point.
I will fist fight a kangaroo and post it on youtube, labeling the video "REAL TEKKEN" if you skip the rollback.
don't roll back please, its just an un-necessary penalty for those who didn't exploit, I myself have been farming for 6 hours today and id hate to loose my paragon levels and items I managed to get, just ban the people who exploited the AH and call it a day
i'd rather no rollback and just banning the offenders.
You have proven to be a valuable CM, Lyl. Thank you for an update!
Well they're going to have to roll back or the game is screwed for the majority of players.
Someone said you guys really messed up and boy were they not kidding.
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