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Auction Houses Temporarily Offline -- UPDATED


This game was finished months ago. 1.0.8's gold exploit was just the nail in the coffin. If you are still here, you honestly need to find another game.

At this point, Blizzard has no clue what they are doing with this game anymore. Taking months and months to prepare patches with almost no game-changing content. Multiple issues with item dupes in the past. The general pay-to-win structure of the game. It's all just pathetic to even think about. And now this?

GG D3 RIP in peace.

So you got your ps3 copy on preorder?
Why haven't you taken down the servers completely?

Only taking down the AH signals there will be a slim chance of a rollback unfortunately...
PLEASE do a rollback.
Not going to bother playing untill there is a rollback.
agreed what was done today is seemingly irreversible. The entire AH was flipped. EVERY decent item was bought and re posted at 2b bid start and no buy out..

Rollback is 100% necessary.
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How to handle this like a boss company would:

1) Pull the Americas server OFFLINE IMMEDIATELY

2) Rollback EVERYTHING to 2:50am PST 05/07/13, put us back on 1.0.7

3) Reverse ALL RMAH transactions initiated after 2:50am PST 05/07/13

4) Apologize to the community for a bad patch, and try it again in a week or two.
+1 rollback and bans
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A roll back? So it's safer not to play then, being that I don't want to waste time for nothing.
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05/07/2013 08:59 PMPosted by Diasdiem
I'd really appreciate knowing if I can safely start playing again without fearing that my work will be undone, and any loot I acquire is erased.

Yes, please.
No rollback! Ban the accounts and all accounts associated with the duping IP address. Send a message to ALL players that duping, botting, cheating, exploiting, etc. is not acceptable, in the end you will get respect for doing that.
There must be a rollback to much gold was created and laundered before action was taken.
+1 to rollback, please fix the economy
Whatever people abuse something and gain something, somebody else looses.

Please be just with your decisions.

Which means:



Nah, kidding, but a punishment is indeed needed!

Am I the only one that doesn't want a rollback? The values and such of the AH will settle back down in time and as long as they take care of accounts that were abusing, there are people like me that made really good progress today (my main day of playing) and don't want to see a day lost! This is why I feel having an online requirement hurts the gameplay, because if Blizzard decides they want to take servers offline or do a rollback, my game is impacted. I really wish this was not the case. I just want to play the game, I don't care about the economy, it's a game and drops are going to be better in the next patch anyway, so I've been staying away from the AH for the most part. Ugh. Anyway, I just wanted to put out there that I don't want a rollback, because all I've seen on the first page are requests for one and I wanted to make sure that wasn't the only voice being heard.
Here is another idea, just to be different. Give every other player 300 trillion gold, besides the ones who exploited the bug. Economy fixed? lol
In this case, since many players who have purchased items in RMAH have received refunds from Blizzard, I assume that there is a rollback focusing on auction house transactions occurred today?
Rollback or you make yourselves look like complete crooks who just deleted a bunch of high end items (by banning the dupers who bought them all) to make more RMAH profit.
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Roll back.
Ban dupers : account and IP. Make sure ban their IP.
Cancel all RMAH transaction : I always received my money thru paypal after 224hrs or more.
Stop game server now
If keep it alive, more difficult to roll back.
stop it now
To all these people saying "Don't roll back!"

Have you seen AH prices before the AH went down? That 100 mill IK chest you were saving up for.. 2 billion. That crit mempo that you were planning on buying on thursday payday? Non-existant on the gold AH. The crappiest mempo with no crit.. 2 billion if you're lucky..

Gold has absolutely no value without a rollback. It's not like it had much anyway, but now it's completely worthless. That few billion you made today on those gems you sold was bought with DUPED gold. It's worthless now, you can't buy a 500 dps 1 hander for 100 mill.
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