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Why is increased monster density ONLY inferno?

05/16/2013 08:15 AMPosted by unaligned1
You already hit level 60 waaaaaaaaay before you get to Inferno if you just progress normally, why would they feel the need to buff leveling before Inferno?

With a HF Ring and a Star Ruby in the helm, my WD just recently hit 60 at the start of Act IV Hell.

Not exactly waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before Inferno.
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Shouldnt the monster density be progressive?
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make a box like the monster power box, only make it density so that we can adjust the density from new player just experiencing the game for the first time to one that has been around a long time and would like to get that feeling of crap I should just peek around the corner. 0 = no additional and 10 being almost never ending hoard.

Also it would be nice if they creatures would follow you a lot further, basically so once they see you, you can not out run them unless you leave the area completely and they will be right there waiting for you if you come back.
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Please apply all Monster Density changes to ALL difficulties ONLY in MP1+. Remain Inferno as is.
I think it would be a great addition, since normally, when you select a higher MP level, is because you´re confident in your skills to handle the stronger demons.
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I feel that if players want to play a new character on MP 1 in normal then it's at their own risk. Make increased density span across all difficulties when MP is turned on.
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05/14/2013 05:17 PMPosted by Vaeflare
Leveling up a new character is one of the most boring parts of this game. So much time spent running through dead zones. Why did they only apply this change to Inferno? I was planning on leveling up some of my other champs after 1.08, but now I don't know.
Great question!

The reason we didn’t apply monster density changes to Normal, Nightmare, and Hell difficulties is because we felt this would be detrimental to the new player experience. Players who are just entering Sanctuary for the very first time have different needs and less skills and tools at their disposal, and they require the opportunity to get their feet wet before being assaulted with the additional challenges that higher monster density offers. At the same time, we also agree that this isn’t ideal for players who have already gone through the game and are looking to start up new characters and are ready to take on additional challenges and faster pacing from the get-go.

Along these lines, we’ve considered ideas such as enabling the higher density for MP1 and higher, or simply making higher density a checkbox option. We’re currently working on some other concrete ideas, but we don’t have anything to share just yet, but this is definitely an aspect of Diablo III that we’d like to improve in the long-term.


Blizz doesn't want to make it easier for you to farm certain low-level Legendaries for profit... Adding more monsters in lower difficulties makes farming those items easier.
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05/13/2013 09:54 AMPosted by PrivateRiem
Because Inferno is where the party starts. The other 3 difficulties are just the Tutorial.

Everything wrong with the game in one short sentence.

Correction. Inferno 5 or 6 is where the party starts.
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05/14/2013 05:58 PMPosted by EasyC
or simply making higher density a checkbox option.

I mean it's unreal to my brain at least, that you didn't implement this instead of what we have now of only allowing mob density to increase on Inferno mp1+.

You guys ALWAYS seem to get close to the mark and miss it every time....just outstanding.

I disagree - some issues are just outright ignored (itemization for one). And yes, Blogging about them and patching nothing for one Y E A R still counts as ignoring it.
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I think it should definitely be a checkbox for lower difficulties if it is added. While I say the game is too easy before Inferno, that massive of a monster density change with MP is too big of a change. The transition from MP0 to MP1 is too large and may discourage more casual players from using MP at all. Most players in Inferno have such good gear I don't think it really matters and by then they know the game pretty well.

Needing to play without MP before Inferno to have moderate monster density is a bad idea because it encourages playing a difficulty that is so easy all the fun is taken away. Buffing the existing monsters in these lower difficulties might even be a better idea than matching the gameplay to Inferno. Variety after all between difficulties helps the experience actually change over time. Or just give us a checkbox for monster density (and include Inferno with it just for the heck of it!).
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Think about getting rid of the leveling process. 1-60 is utterly pointless. Hardcore mode must level time after time after time, it gets mind-numbing. The game gets fun when you can finally farm MP1 with the new monster density in a multiplayer game. THAT is fun... Leveling through the same quests 4 times to reach 60 isn't fun.
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Don't many players fit their new characters with top gear and leech experience off a friend to do the level process very quickly anyway?

I like actual leveling and roleplaying through the difficulties without others making it easier. Removing the earlier difficulties destroys the game to me. You shouldn't start with top gear and the whole point of hardcore is to actually lose something if you die. If everybody could start at 60 in Inferno there would be no point to hardcore. Hardcore is not for me personally.
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They need to make the monster density increase with MP levels, so if you wanted you could increase normal difficulty density just by increasing the MP level a couple, along with the other 3 difficulties.

Why they only changed Inferno seems kinda strange, they do not seem to make full use of MP.

As it stands, there are difficulties getting into a non-mp10 public game (In comparison to MP10), which gives the impression that most of the game is already farming MP10, which theoretically, shouldn't happen.

MP10 is supposed to be absolute Endgame, if its not. There needs to be changes, perhaps more MP levels is the only way to do it.

Right now you can spend a dollar on gold, to have the gear needed to farm MP10. The only difference being speed.
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Along these lines, we’ve considered ... simply making higher density a checkbox option.

So it's been 3 days, it seems like everyone acknowledges that it's a good thing to do, and it seems like it would be relatively easy to implement. Why isn't it in the game yet?

I don't know if it would be enough to bring back to the game, but as a HC player who dies a lot, I'd at least consider it. It would make the game much better and go some way to correcting the fact that all of the game improvements have been targeted exclusively at level 60 players.
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The scaling of difficulties from normal => nightmare = I felt no differences. This is because resist and armor makes no sense at this 2 levels.

But from nightmare to hell = yes a lot of differences. You need 200-300 all resist to stay alive and not die.


You could essentially eliminate normal and nightmare thanks to the AH.
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sounds to my like alot of you guys just wish when you started a new character, you create a new character that's already lvl 60. That doesn't sound like fun to me. Sorry -- but you still have to earn your lvls there tads and tots.
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The scaling of difficulties from normal => nightmare = I felt no differences. This is because resist and armor makes no sense at this 2 levels.

But from nightmare to hell = yes a lot of differences. You need 200-300 all resist to stay alive and not die.


You could essentially eliminate normal and nightmare thanks to the AH.

true, but if you go to far in the game for your gear, the monsters will catch up to you and you'll start getting slayed. If you had awesome gear that was slaying the monsters in w/e difficulty your playing in - then since your gear is rad from the AH, have a buddy warp you to the end of each chapter, since you gear is awesome and you can kill monsters that are a higher lvl then you. But that will catch up with you, quick! since you still need those difficulties and the time spent slaying in those difficulties to lvl up. Im at the end of act 3 myself, and im only lvl 23 on N/mp10 -- but man it's really hard! why? my gear is great, but my lvl should be much higher. hence - my gear should be better yet! but im restricted due to lvls right? ive gone beyond my means.
So i think eliminating N/NM is a bad idea, you still need that time to reach the right lvl to be able do battle properly in those harder difficulties.
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make normal/nightmare/hell have bonus item bonus too. seriously, farming for worthy low level legs are impossible.
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I leveled up a new character to 60 and the areas feel incredibly empty compared to Inferno Mp density. One can even notice the severity of the difference just by running Mp0 and Mp1 inferno. I also believe that the Exp for the monsters perhaps will have to be adjusted as well. If there are three times the monsters, that would mean three times the experience and potentially three times the speed. And perhaps some would love to level up that much quicker but I think the leveling speed as of right now is pretty good.

I had to farm Act 4 from start to finish 6 times on mp8 to hit level 60 on my wizard, and I played through most of Hell on MP10, and all of normal and nightmare on MP10 as well. Given that, I think there could a bit more experience along the way to avoid having to farm so many levels just to ding 60 and go to inferno (where the game really begins, imo). If killing monsters = fun, than killing more monsters = more fun. There is no diminishing return! Also, as stated by many.. I am not sure how Blizzard overlooked the fact that new players wouldn't have the MP system in place on their first go at it, anyways. No need to tie it to Inferno, the mechanism is already in place to coddle the newbies! I do like the option of it simply being a checkbox. it puts control of the gaming experience in the hands of the player, which is always a good thing, and frankly there needs to be more thinking along this line added to the game.
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Increase mob density only on Inf. w\MP1+, but leave Act 3's density as-is regardless of level or MP?

Sounds like another stellar decision brought to you by Scumbag Blizzard.
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