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Why is increased monster density ONLY inferno?

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It would completely screw up the intended leveling progression.
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09/07/2013 11:59 PMPosted by Krine
It would completely screw up the intended leveling progression.

That was debunked quite some time ago. Players would initially gain more levels at the onset of each difficulty tier, but that would quickly taper off between each act as monsters become worth less experience overall per exp bar, forcing the players into the next act or acts to continue leveling at the same pace. And players find higher MP levels more fun than lower MP levels once they've gotten to know their classes better. But having the first three difficulty tiers have maps that are barren wastelands with monsters few and far between after having been in Inferno feels...bleh.

This is one of the reasons I and quite a few others suggested monster density being a toggle. That way you could customize not only your game's monster level, but the density as well to create the perfect balance that you are happy with. There are also situations where players can handle higher MP level scaling, but not the density that comes with it. Having this as a toggle would allow those players to set the bar higher without hitting a brick wall they can't get past. Think of it as a two-way difficulty tuning system.
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Why its the GAP so big between normal,nightmare,hell and inferno ? Why its the GAP so high?

The GAP why is the GAP so high many ppl asked?

Asnwer? Because 3 dificulty levels are the Tutorial :)

IF someone wants to see the best tutorial in gamin industry come and see the Diablo 3 tutorial.

All the game is a tutorial for kids maybe? and only inferno was for the pro? that`s what ppl dont understand :)
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Can we get some method to just skip a character straight o lvl60? Say, once you hit paragon 50 you can create all your characters starting at lvl 60 Inferno. This sounds like cheating but:

-you've earned the right to skip some pointless leveling by grinding so damn much
-you've created a character at the beginning of the actual work of leveling, only bypassing some time-wasting preliminary difficulties.
-your high level means you'll have gear for new characters, giving them a very good start in Inferno
-noobs will still have to grind out the starting difficulties, and won't be affected

This was also a big thing in D2, where you would power-level with rushers until you hit Hell, and then the actual game would begin, farming meph, diablo and baal over and over. I play for that final difficulty level, so let me skip the technicals. It won't be detrimental to the game, and it will be a boon to dedicated players.
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05/14/2013 05:17 PMPosted by Vaeflare
Players who are just entering Sanctuary for the very first time have different needs and less skills and tools at their disposal

Perhaps this is true but no one starting out ever needs to use a health pot till around Hell difficulty, so having more monsters might make the game .000009% more of a challenge for new comers. Perhaps Diablo 3 should go the way of lego games and allow players to create their own character and just have every skill from every class on it there by removing the need to every level one of blizzards pre-made characters.
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