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Philanthropy Station, 5 Set Giveaway!

I save up items that I think new level 60's may find useful and then do a give-away. I'm willing to help in other ways as well, if anyone wants to add me. I'm not able to be on a lot, and to be honest, I'm not really interested in power levelling (I have scarce enough time for my own runs), but I'm fine to give advice and the occasional item(s) when I'm able.
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I am in for MP10 ubers (no more than a team of 3, me included) and power levelling. For the ubers, I am okay to provide one or more boxes if I happen to have some, but it'd be better if the person asking for help has them ....

But not for the loot, my barb needs some new weapons, badly :)
I'm usually online in the later hours (9pm and later) central time and on Thursdays most of the day. I can help with just about everything on that list other than Uber carries. I may have to buy a Leoric's to go along with my Cain's set for power leveling...

EDIT: Sticky requested. Everyone go like the original post!
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i like to randomly help, give away, etc to players below inferno :)
We have many contributors but no takers yet? Cmon there's gotta be some new players in need out there. I might just have to go start spamming trade channel lol
We have to keep the topic bumped so people can find it...
agreed- bump

05/17/2013 08:35 AMPosted by Zaknaril
We have to keep the topic bumped so people can find it...
Maybe a blue will see the merit in this and sticky it? :D
That would be nice, but PLEASE don't move this thread to the LFG forums, no one will see it and half the services here aren't related to LFG topics.

Thank you
05/17/2013 07:03 AMPosted by Zaknaril
EDIT: Sticky requested. Everyone go like the original post!

Yeah, the LFG forum is where good threads go to die LOL

OP I was wondering if it would be beneficial to post our "regular hours of play" in the main part of the thread?

I'm usually on between 6pm-10pm PDT :)
Sounds like a good idea to me. I'll frame it out when I get home in ~1hr.
I'm usually on weeknights after 9pm central and during the day Thursday and Sunday.
I'm kinda sad that we haven't gotten a sticky :(

It's not against the ToS to help people, right? (j/k)
The usual CM's appear to have been absent for 2 days o_o I'm honestly more surprised I haven't seen a single friend invite or thread here asking for some help.....maybe philanthropy station wasn't a clear enough subject....seemed pretty straight forward at the time.
I'm not entirely certain the D3 community at large actually knows what philanthropy means...
Hmm that's valid point...

05/17/2013 10:31 AMPosted by Zaknaril
I'm not entirely certain the D3 community at large actually knows what philanthropy means...

We could call it NooB-Haven ConnectingHut
I like a catchy name but maybe we need something a little more instructional?

"Need Help? Newer Players Read This!"

2nd page won't do...bump!
Allright, thread name has been changed, and I've added a googledoc for everyone to input their availability times on. It's just a simple table, choose a number in the key for your BT and plop in w.e. time slots you want.

It's fully editable by anyone accessing w/the link...so here's to hoping no jackasses decide to delete it, or draw something horrible w/ASCII.

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