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Philanthropy Station, 5 Set Giveaway!


@XipeTotec - 150m should build you a decent set akin to what we've given away. My suggestion would be to go to the WD sticky and study the builds there for a day or two until you decide which build you like the best. Gearing will be pretty build dependent so that's a good starting point.

Cloud of Bats (CoB) builds are all the rage right now because the skill got a big buff in the last major patch. I'm running that on my WD if you want to take a look at her (Calypso) to get an idea of what that build/gear looks like.

Runit3 and Isolation are a much better WD resource than I am though.

Good luck!
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Yea, CoB was what I was planning on running primarily, but I saw a really nice Locust Swarm build that's great for paragon farming in MP0 I might run as well just to get my paragon levels up a little bit. But yea, I want to build the set for CoB.

Mostly, I would just like someone to talk to and help me sort out what stats I need to look for on which pieces and what kind of prices I should look to spend for them. I don't mind spending the time farming the AH looking for good deals.

Also, thanks for responding. I'm gonna look over your build/gear to get an idea on what I should go for.
@XipeTotec - I'd be glad to help you out. And just to let you know, a full Zuni set isn't *mandatory*. A lot of it also depends on what kind of build you're looking for. Take a look at my WD, if you like. I mainly use a Cloud of Bats build for farming. Even without the Zuni set bonus, I never run out of Mana, thanks to my helm. I also have a Bats SoJ that I use when I come across Elite mobs. Since you sometimes have to reposition from things like Ice, Nightmare, and Knockback, it comes in handy.

If you want, you can add me in game and we can go on a few practice runs, or I can record a video for you like I did for Klic, hitting the highlight points of a build.
So are we done with the giveaway now? Can we change the OP back to normal? Did the DH set get handed out?
@Khmer - Thanks, and I'll definately take you up on that once I get geared up. Would be awesome to have someone to run with and practice some techniques. Awesome gear, btw! Look forward to getting there one day!
Still no word from our winner- I'll be on a little today and then later this evening
07/21/2013 08:13 AMPosted by marmoset
Still no word from our winner- I'll be on a little today and then later this evening

Zak I think it's time to warm up some dice :) 3PM PST reroll work for you?

Don't buy the gold just yet! Wait till the results of darkvoid's giveaway first!
I am waiting.... waiting and hoping! :-D
07/21/2013 10:27 AMPosted by runit3
Zak I think it's time to warm up some dice :) 3PM PST reroll work for you?

I'm not going to be around much today. Like I said yesterday, I'm leaving this in your hands sir, so handle it however you think is best :)
I'm noticing that the OP is still in giveaway mode? I guess we didn't get the DH set handed off?
07/22/2013 06:16 AMPosted by Zaknaril
I'm noticing that the OP is still in giveaway mode? I guess we didn't get the DH set handed off?

That would be correct, fire away on the dice.
07/22/2013 08:31 AMPosted by runit3
That would be correct, fire away on the dice.

I'm at work and don't have my dice.


There. Oh and add Marmoset and Runit3 if you're the first one to post to claim your prizes. :)

Ready to move on!
id take it
@Calhob - There's our winner! Get the gear from Marmoset and the gold/mats from Runit3. Just add them in game.
@DH winner - Grats! I will be on when I get home to hook you up with the gear! (after 6pm PDT)
@Marmoset & Runit3 - please be sure to post on the thread when the prizes are claimed so we all know it was done.

I'm wondering if, for our next giveaway, we might require each entrant to post every 24 hours so we know they're still paying attention? Seems like both competitions we had to tracks folks down and/or roll for a new winner...
@Zak- I just think the DH is cursed LOL
Hey guys,

I farmed more than usual this weekend, and my effort was rewarded with some decent mid-tier Legendaries. Hopefully, someone in need can take them off my hands.

The items are:

- Two Mempos, one Strength, one Dex. The Dex one rolled +Armor as a bonus, which is nice. These were actually the first Mempos I've ever found in over 1000 hours of play, and they dropped within a half hour of each other. No, I'm not kidding.
- A Wailing Host ring with Dex and IAS
- A Skysplitter with Dex and a Socket
- Depth Diggers with Intelligence, Vitality, and Pickup Radius. Might be nice for a WD.
- Two Dead Man's Legacies, one with Bola Damage, one with RF Crit Chance
- A LIFESTEAL STRENGTH SKORN...with only 1200 damage. Thanks, RNG.
- A Chantodo's Will with over 900 Life on Hit.

I'll be giving these out on a first come, first served basis. If you're interested, add me in game, but make a post here first (my friends list may be full).
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