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doesnt need to be anything complex as long as we get SOMETHING to do
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I would like to see Goblins or maybe even elites with a special affix, drop large amounts of gold (1m maybe?) upon dying. Or maybe even slightly higher tier gems than flawless square. The occasional star gem off an elite or goblin would be fun.
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Great Ideas....

My request for blizz,

Please incorporate the Collectors Edition Wings in the Starting Screen. I want to see my wings not just in-game but also in my avatar starting screen.

...............for this thread, We should have a Reward to collect to unlock certain avatar pics for forum use. Like, face of tyrael, face of rakanoth and such.
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How about adding item that would give armor and/or weapons a prefix or suffix.

While I'm at it here, I would like to see something other than gold drop from bookcases. Maybe some scrolls.

Then I have a question as to why we have achievements but no real reward for doing them?
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Also:1: Add d2 style avatar chat channels2: Include a quest/item that unlocks a 60 only trade channel (goodbye lvl 1 spambots)3: Legendary Dye

Yes yes and yes
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runewords, or something similar like bonuses for certain combinations of gems. I think it was called gemwords
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To even have a dev ask if collections is something fitting to a game like Diablo 3 explains a lot of why this game pales in comparison to D2
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How about gambling? Players can play each other in poker, blackjack, darts etc. Winner takes the pot.
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How about crafting some sort of runes out of the materials. Maybe just call them soul stones would be just like rune words though except you could pick a base stat to put on them when you enter them like intelligence or so on.Also some bracers and shoulders with mana regeneration.
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Create Endless dungeon. Requires the use of Skeleton key. Skeleton keys can drop anywhere in the game. To open the endless dungeon it requires 1 Skeleton key + 10m Gold. Once you die in the endless dungeon you can not re-enter the dunegon. Create SEVERAL unique items that can only be found in the endless dungeon. Everyone that enter's the dungeon must use a key and pay 10m. These Endless dungeons can only be unlocked once all party members have 5 stacks of valor. Each act has its own endless dungeon and drops unique loot of its own. While in the Act 1 Endless dungeon you can aquire SQUIRTS PUZZLE BOX:

Squirts puzzle box allows the player to pick up Puzzle pieces and combine them. 3 puzzles exist in the game, each puzzle has 12 pieces scattered across act 1. Depending on the puzzle you can have a unique effect that can be used on a equipped item. 1:Socket a item that does not currently have max sockets (This item becomes account bound) 2.Ethreal Armor, This item becomes Indestructible and gives 25% additional stats(This item becomes account bound) 3.Jack of all Trades, Add's 2% Movement Speed,3% Pickup radius & 5% Crowd control reduction. (This item becomes account bound)
Additional information about puzzles from Act 2 3 and 4 will be revealed later.

What else is in the endless dungeon?
Create a new tier of of armor with possible higher end game stats to compete with duped gear.
Create special potions that can only be used in the Endless dungeon.
Example. Elixir of Regeneration: This Elixir immediatly refill's the users health to max and increases max HP by 10% while under the effects of Elixir of regeneration, the user regens 10% of his max HP per sec. This effect last for 120 secs.

Add new gems that can only be found in the dungeon.
Opal- The user's max all resist are increased by 10%
Diamond-When struck by a melee or ranged attack increase users Dodge and armor chance by 10%, this effect last 3 secs and can only occur once every 10 secs.
Jasper-Increase users Crit chance by 1.5% and attack speed by 3%.

Double repair cost while in the endless dungeon. Every 10th wave of the endless dungeon add a NPC that will allow you to refresh on potions and repair.

Just a thought to add more end game options+ gold sink.
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I would like to be able to collect music that I can play while I grind and play the music in my public game. If it is not a large variety by the original artist then I don't think it would work. Not only that it would have to be uncensored.
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I don't know if I'd be interested in collecting art or lore - not to start an argument, but Sanctuary just isn't that interesting of a place, and never really has been.

Instead, I'd go for a (and yes, I'm going to make a Pokemon analogy despite my age) Pokedex-style logbook for Legendaries, where you would actually have to find, and maybe even destroy, the Legendary to enter it.

As it is, I have a whole page of my stash that's just legendary items that I will never use, but I don't want to throw away because I like having/collecting them.

To make a broader point though, I would like to see any collection to require more than just running whatever area of the game I want over and over again. As it stands, if there's a particular item I want (say, Immortal King's Eternal Reign), all I can do is play the game over and over with as much MF as possible and hope that's what drops.

To make a comparison to D2 without trying to suggest it was a superior game that D3 will never live up to, I liked how monsters had somewhat different drop tables, and so if you were looking for a particular item type (Unique Sacred Armor, for example), there were certain types of monsters you'd be hunting for.

Finally, no matter what, for the love of god, please make items reflect their base item type once they've been ID'd. No more of this "Rare Conquest Sword" becoming "Rare Sword" once it's been ID'd.

Please. As a favor to me.
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05/09/2013 06:27 PMPosted by Vyndare
to keep the player thinking their playing some awesome game, when in reality they aren't.

lol, if I'm doing something and I think its awesome, then it is awesome. Just bc I like the game doesnt make me a corporate slave or some sheep-tool who only does things bc "im supposed to" or "its shiny"

grind it
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Any kind of new collections would be fine with me to give me a reason to keep playing.

If I could make another suggestion, I wish the devs would consider having something like an "I farmed it" bonus to items personally found by you.

This would give people like me more of an incentive to look for the items than to just simply buy them in the AH. If you farmed it, you get a tasty bonus wearing/using it.
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some really good ideas on here. BLIZZ, take a look
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I'd love something like in OP's suggestion. Let's think of it like a hellish scrap book. Collect art, lore, monster trophies, ect into a demon-slaying encyclopedia.

Something like this would add more replay value, give lore junkies something to drool about, and it seems just play awesome.
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Lets leave the whole AH alone for a bit.

I was thinking, Diablo is ultimatly a collectors game, so can we have other "things" to collect, something like art, lore ect... pieces that you pick up and slowly put together, these would be rather rare, all bind to account items. I think this concept could easily be implemented along with the Itemization overhaul.

Why would I suggest making them bind to account - So you can't sell them. The idea for this is so players go out hunting again. The art, and lore could then be compiled into completed books, that players then look through at there pleasure.

I like this idea a lot. I'd add to make the art & lore farmable in distinct areas. Like 1 art piece can be found in (& only in) the cemetary so if you don't have it, you have a specific place you farm for it. I think we'd see more threads on where to find these art pieces from other players & get the community to work together making the game a little more social.

I'd also say make sure that you can't get the same item twice. It sucks to get a BoA item twice that is only useful once.

This idea seems easier to implement than new dungeons or content like people have been clamoring for. Adding more art or more lore books to areas every couple months or even every quarter would be great to get people to re-explore areas. I'm excited at the prospect.
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As someone who has been an avid player since the days of Diablo 1, I would like to see some of these things in the game. The idea of collectibles does sound intriguing. Especially the idea of lore books. It would be cool if there were specific collectable items in the game. Things that were class specific, follower related and of course lore. For an RPG such as D3, I think it could be a fun element for those who enjoy the game and get involved in the story line. I would like to see some more follower quests and further opportunities for relationship building with those characters. Same with the artisans. It would be a lot of fun, I believe, to go on specific jewel hunts with Shen or fight through mines with Haedrig to recover some rare material. Another thing I would like to see added to the game is a greater spectrum of items that can be crafted at different levels. It just seems as though there aren't enough options. Then again, there never are. Other than that, the gameplay is awesome.
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Mini Pets,

Each boss has a chance to drop a mini pet version of themselves, elites and rares also drop mini versions of themselves, elites glow blue and the rare version yellow, treasure goblins also have a chance to drop mini versions of monsters inc rares and elites and bosses, as well as any other mini pet you decide to input, they also have a chance to drop a mini treasure goblin which picks up gold for you and increases your MF and GF %. or you can make it that each diff type of mini pet gives a unique stat or buff this way they are useful.
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