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I think in a way this concept is a great idea. When playing D2 it was so much fun looking for that great basic weapon to make my runeword out of. then farming looking for the runes and trading for them. I kept most if not all of my runewords anyways and it would have been cool to be able to have my name on them.
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Oh yeah, FFA capture the flag game. Make a map similar to Fields of Sorrow or something. Every player starts at no items. Throughout the map random chests pop up (a lot, there needs to be a lot of chests that pop up, or some kind of randomly appearing minion) that you get items from. So while you are running around trying to find N00BPwNeR321 and his flag, you got 5 or more other dudes you gotta watch out for. While staying alive you're also trying to find some new gloves to get that attack speed up so poison darts doesn't suck so bad. Each time you die you start over at no gear. Each flag can have some kind of defensive tower that you gotta destroy to take their flag, once all flags have been capture the broseph with the most flags is winner. What do we win? I don't know how about all the gold every one agreed to bet before the game. Everyone agrees to 10mill buy in, winner takes all except for Blizzards 15-20% cut off the top (OH MY GOD BLIZZARD I JUST FOUND YOU ANOTHER GOLD SINK). That's cool and all Bill but what else? New crafting material for peeveepee only gear - Tears of the Owned (I'm sure Blizzard can come up with a better name) - every time you kill a player you have a chance to recover one of these Tears and use it with your blacksmith. Perhaps craft gear for this game that doesn't go away when you die? I'm sure people with this gear are more willing to bet higher amounts of gold knowing they are starting off with a headstart. Maybe even use this elite peeveepee gear towards other pvp instances.
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I think letting one stage higher gems drop in inferno would be nice, along with some extraordinary stat bump (not too much, but more than normal) for marquis gems, just to make the gold sink worth it. Also, I had the idea of "paragon" gear, very very high end (and very very rare) gear that has paragon level requirements. I think that would be a nice implementation for the itemization update, to make up for the fact that legendaries are relatively common now, thanks to the magic find bump and MF cap basically going away. Just a thought.
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that's one of things i loved about WoW, the evolution of gear.

thats one thing i hated about WoW, carrot on stick gear. Soon as u got all the best gear we make an expansion where a lvl 61 green is an upgrade from a 60 purple....

I quit wow because i couldnt make my own spec. One patch and it forced me to get a 31 pt skill.
I uninstalled the next day and canceled my subscript

well, anytime an expansion is released and lvl caps are raised, it's natural to replace previously end game gear with gear that are at the current cap levels. i agree it sucked replacing my shadow priest devout set, my pvp warlord's set with random blues and purples, but eventually i got tier 1 thru t6. i remember that the blacksmith was able to upgrade purple weapons, with new stats and looks. i thought that was a cool idea which could also work with D3's blacksmith and break some of that lost investment feeling.

the stats can be debatable, but if a player doesn't want to work on his specific class quest line, then he doesn't have to. It would be considered as a side quest (expanding on your Nephalem origin) that doesn't have to linear. Could be completely random wondering npc or random podium that starts the epic quests that causes the player to jump back and forth between waypoints.

Players get items by 3 methods. Random drops, trade/ah, and crafting. If there were quest lines that offer gear/weapons, this would help new lvl60s to get gear that he/she might not have enough gold &/or luck, while expanding the lore of origin and exploration, and also promote paragon grinding with gear that's earned.
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Add Diablo 2, this by far one of the greatest online games. Reasons why
1) Allow people to create games with topics "Trades" "pvp" "kw" "xp runs". This creates a greater gaming community
2) Trading. D2 had no AH which made farming/trading more enjoyable. I know the AH isn't going anywhere but let us enjoy the game by being able to trade more often.
3) channels. They are terrible! Make them the way they use to be, USWest Trading 1,2,3 etc.. Let us see each others characters.
4) put runes/runewords in diablo 3
5) Diablo walks the earth. We need more excitement spice up the game. Even putting the KW in a random spot in act1,2 or 3 would make the game more interesting not just Fields.

I could go on all day with suggestion but that's all they will be. It's not like y'all are going to listen or even read this post. Bring Diablo 2 back.
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First of all guys, what has happened to diablo 1 tomes of knowledge, binding of the three.

Lord of terror:
Chamber of bones:

It would be so awesome if blizz could hire the same voice actor to read a couple more story books.

This the one thing that D3 really misses from the previous Diablo installments
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Other games have had a different set of items you can equip just for there look. Make a cosmetic equipment page and add in some items that are just for cosmetic use but allow normal items to be used as well.
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Maybe u could collect outfit art and then wear that outfit over your gear? Allowing the player to look however they choose? I'd look like Gandalf the Grey... =D
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I have not read through all 20 pages, but I think you also need something unique for reaching P100 and for killing Diablo himself, it is the name of the game isn't it. Of course they would have to be account bound and having them named after your character would be great too.
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What about having the ability to merge items together? Darksiders II did this and it worked out really nicely for when you couldn't find upgrades.

You mean like with a Horadric Cube? Gasp who would have ever thought of doing that?

It's nothing like Horadric Cube. Basically you sacrifice a piece of gear to another, and it randomly chooses 2 affixes off that item, and allows you to transfer a certain percentage of the affix you choose to another piece of gear - something like 75%. Horadric Cube was only for upgrading gems, potions etc, sockets, changing a rare with sojs/skulls etc, which is completely different.

Nice attempt at being a troll though - needs some work. :p
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I'm curious as to why we name our characters if all anyone sees is our battle tags. I understand the importance of the tags, but why cant it display our characters names in game and show the battle tag when we hover over or inspect the character, or visa verse. Also, maybe you can add a way to disable the dialogue before entering whimsyshire for those that have already done it.
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05/10/2013 02:02 PMPosted by Mark
to make up for the fact that legendaries are relatively common now

It's hard to not point out the oxymoron in that, and while your statement that legendaries may appear more often now may be correct, getting the good legendaries or the ones that make a positive change to your build still seem to be few and far between. At least thats the cast in my experience.
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Ok as for collecting stuff. That's ok, Someone might have already said something like this. You could find new crafting plans. These would be for the Blacksmith. New Armor & Equipment Patterns and designs. You could take your Legendary, Set, or Rare Armor and Equipment to your Blacksmith and he could do stuff to it like change the color, style, or add sockets. Depend on what skills he has. All the Armor looks the same right now. If you had the Armor Style books for your Blacksmith you could choose a new Style and Color for your Armor. You can only find the books in random places through out the game like in caves or some of the houses in some levels. They are account bound. If they never appear in the same places it would give people something to play for.
Another idea, have Something like a Endless Dungeon or The Tomb of Deckard Cain or both. Found in the Fields of Misery in Inferno level only. Each level is loaded with mobs and Elites. To pass through the stairway to the next level you have to beat Ubers or some boss, who drops their key to the door to the next stairwell when you beat them and one of Deckard Cain's Organs. They might also drop a Legendary item. At the bottom of the Tomb say 10, 15, 20 levels deep???? you'd have all of Deckard Cain's organs, plus you'd have a amulet or something you find along the way to bring Deckard Cain back to life.
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Prepare for Wall of Text
That's what we've (players) been saying from start I.

"more content"

It could be challenge, collections, lore, myth gears (Gears which it's existence can be questioned as rumors. A gear with very very complex & hidden condition on how to get it.), etc.

The key idea is: It got to have some direct usefulness to player + Players can immersed themselves in it.
An example:
Achievement we got in D3, lacks direct usefulness, as a result only appeal to minority of the players.
The banner bonus is nice, but with the way D3 is designed now, it's not actually useful in much way. And players have a hard time telling how other player's banner are great (perhaps he/she got it from collections of amazing achievement + other players have no way to know how great it was without putting extensive effort in researching), and hence "wasted" if I would say.
An improvement would be something like, you can spend achievement point on something useful, or player may put cool effects into banner (regardless of banner cosmetic) gained via achievement. This way, not only that there will be incentive to collect these achievement, player would also be able to actively immerse on them without being forced to (as in out of things to do in D3)


Another Example (Immersion):
I'll talk about Skyrim (TESV) first. I'm sure many Skyrim players are aware of how they could enjoy heart tightening beautiful sceneries in Skyrim (With mods ofc). I'm glad about the fact that Bethesda provide players with opportunity to enjoy these, and if it wasn't enough, they provide players with ways to inject their ideas to their games (via editor and mod friendly approach).

Now let's talk about potential immersion in D3.
So when I first played D3, I heard from NPC's here and there about the city of Caldeum. Leah said "blablabla (insert amazing description)", another NPC x said "blablabla (insert beautiful description)", Shen said "blablabla (insert praise)".

With all that, I've been expecting "LET ME SEE CALDEUM", yet sadly it's full content was not there till the end. So this "Caldeum", through lore and introduction, it had successful start, yet fail in execution (or perhaps it had been planned, but scraped).

A good execution of this lore would be:
-> Players able to see by themselves what Caldeum is (not just the front gate market and the castle)
-> Players able to explore Caldeum, in non linear style.
-> Caldeum as semi dungeon (Ex. Settings where half of it's population were actually demon.) (Would also make Belial looks smarter)
-> Even more lore to be found in Caldeum
-> Non lame quest in Caldeum
-> The storyline itself could be linear (and the stages to proceed through act could also be linear), however the act of exploring Caldeum itself is not linear.

I'm not saying D3 should throw out a D3editor, and provide mods environment (I don't think it suits D3). (In fact I'll be mad if Bliz do this)
I'm more interested in the development team creativity rather than Bliz relying on player's creativity for this game.


Some time ago, Bliz pull out poll "What is your favorite environment?". I strongly belief that Bliz should had put more options in that Poll.

I remembered the Oasis in act II was popular for the whole act II. I belief the result was not purely because of the environment factor only. Gameplay factor and exposure factor seems to heavily bias the poll. Hence, if you reversed the condition, by exposing most of player time on Front Market and lower the time exposed on Oasis, the front market would gain more vote and lower vote on Oasis. And "There was not much gameplay on Front Market" while for a short while, there are gameplays and exposure in Dalgur Oasis (first few weeks of D3 release)

So, as example, if Bliz option to pick was like:
1. Emperor Hakkan's room (Not in game, imaginary environment only)
2. Complete Caldeum (not in game, environment source from lore only)
3. Dalgur Oasis
4. Stinging Winds
5. Front Market Expanded with content (PTR, expansion as seen in PTR)
6. etc.

I'm sure more voice would fall on 1, 2 and 5, while Dalgur Oasis would lose much of it's vote.

+1 on Capture the Flag. It will make lot's of "single target", "defensive" and "stationary" skill useful again.

Edit 2:
More enemies variety, skills, and types. Make Inferno enemies have more difficult gameplay, instead of just buffing health damages and amount of affix.
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Something i would like to see added on. Maybe the possibility of being able to store builds....... so your character would have like 3-4 different builds. Also the gear would change if you wanted it to. The one thing it would require is that it would have to be done back in town. So many times have i wanted to change skills and test somethings out then have to change back again. I think letting us have the option of making different builds would be a bit of fun and i think it would be useful.
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Love the idea. Flavor items are fun and could tie in well with the Achievement system. I think that before we can think about it, though, there are other areas of the game which need a tune up.
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I really would like an endless dungeon or mode.
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A system I really liked back in Diablo was that the more enemies you killed, the more your character learned about them.

So when you moused over a "Shadow Fiend" instead of it simply saying "Shadow Fiend" it also started to show how much health it had, then you killed a lot more and it showed damage, resistances, vulnerabilities, and how many of them you've slaughtered. I really liked that.
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Interesting suggestion! I'd love to hear what players think, as well.

Do you think having collections is something you'd enjoy?
Do you think it's fitting for a game like Diablo III?

If you have to ask this question, you should NOT be working on Diablo 3 !!!
D3 is doomed
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this is an awesome idea some legendary or "legendary Sets" account boundable for a whole new lvl of farming and searching for loot would make finding those rare items so much more gratifying for those that come across them and have a bragging right on others.
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