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Add Diablo 2, this by far one of the greatest online games. Reasons why
1) Allow people to create games with topics "Trades" "pvp" "kw" "xp runs". This creates a greater gaming community
2) Trading. D2 had no AH which made farming/trading more enjoyable. I know the AH isn't going anywhere but let us enjoy the game by being able to trade more often.
3) channels. They are terrible! Make them the way they use to be, USWest Trading 1,2,3 etc.. Let us see each others characters.
4) put runes/runewords in diablo 3
5) Diablo walks the earth. We need more excitement spice up the game. Even putting the KW in a random spot in act1,2 or 3 would make the game more interesting not just Fields.

I could go on all day with suggestion but that's all they will be. It's not like y'all are going to listen or even read this post. Bring Diablo 2 back.


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Be nice if all this stuff had its own spot like Cains "library" so i don't have to keep it all my war chest. I.E. hellfire mats,staff mats,quest items,collectors items and whatever else we all come up with.
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05/10/2013 02:55 PMPosted by PM5K

You mean like with a Horadric Cube? Gasp who would have ever thought of doing that?

It's nothing like Horadric Cube. Basically you sacrifice a piece of gear to another, and it randomly chooses 2 affixes off that item, and allows you to transfer a certain percentage of the affix you choose to another piece of gear - something like 75%. Horadric Cube was only for upgrading gems, potions etc, sockets, changing a rare with sojs/skulls etc, which is completely different.

Nice attempt at being a troll though - needs some work. :p

You want to make an item with an added 75% of the stat allocation for 2 affixes? The game is not that hard that you would need something like that. Its a bit overkill isnt it?

The Horadric Cube was essentially the ability to merge things together. Yes that included combining gems and potions and the ability to make runeword gear. Instead of runes we have crafting. But it would have been nice to keep something akin to the Horadric Cube and still have some form of combining gear through it. I was thinking something not so OP as your suggestion but more along the lines of combining blues to make a yellow. Considering alot of blues are affix specific it could force certain affixes into the type of rare you want but with a normal stat allocation instead of a rediculous extra 75%.

Also you should really learn the difference between sarcasm and a troll. I was not trolling but simply adding a little flavor to the idea that they should have kept some sort of implementation of the Horadric Cube. Hell they didnt even need to add crafting and kept all that stuff as Cube recipies to maintain the Diablo feel.
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My idea is this, to save the auction house.
Price per point.
I'm tired of paying for people's made up numbers.

Say you find a ring with +30 dex, and that's it.
Do like
Dex(30) x 1 attribute bonus (100g).
So if it's 100 gold per point, that'd be 3000 gold.

Then if you found something cool with like 3 stats:
20 Resist all
20 Dex
10 Strength

20+20+10 x 3(100g) = 15,000g
Think that'd help inflation to have a controlled system, not a damn yard sale.
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Interesting suggestion! I'd love to hear what players think, as well.

Do you think having collections is something you'd enjoy?
Do you think it's fitting for a game like Diablo III?
If no, why not?
If yes, what kind of implementation would you appreciate most?

Can we stop talking about such things and focus on serious matters that killing game ?

Expand of itemization ( NOT re-tweak or minor changes)

Bring LADDER in is vital .. Games economy cant hold with so excessive botting,duping,exploiting when 4/5 of population quit .. 10million people officialy QUIT in less than a year... Wake up please

Multiplayer events / PVP

And lets focus on other things when its the right time...
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I miss runes and rune words.

Collections would be cool.

Just add more quests. Why not? Why not hundreds or side quests and other random happenings? Anything to keep the story fresh.

How about monsters that can be befreinded? Build a party of friendly monster uniques? Or even just one switchable helper. I would run with Rackinishu. or the Butcher.

And why cant I give mercy to Kuhl? I want to everytime.

Or decide to kick Tyriels !@# for once? Judge him and side with the Valor guy?

Or turn Izual back to the Light? Why is it so hard to give us choices?
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Or let Hakan survive sometimes. Or Cain for that matter.

And why only 3 hirelings. I want to hire Asheara. Or run with Shen. He would make a cool hireling with a few spells.
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And where is the Wisdom angel. Can i not find him somewhere?

Or run with a ghost. That would be cool to pick one of the ghosted murderers. Or one of the Nephalem ghosts.
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i would like to see ladder with diablo3

and i see bad new on youtube


dont know what gona hapening with diablo3

+1 rolling back
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More sockets to weapons, shields, headgear, etc...
Horadric cube is great, but for now I'll go with runewords
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Make crafting more like monster hunter like Ubers. Use the pieces of bosses and elites to make armor and weapons with unique appearances.

For example, Zolton Kulles head could totally be a wizard source or witch doctor mojo or something.

Moloks wings could make sweet armor.

Siege breakers sword, Skeletons Kings Femur... Etc etc.

OMG YES, that would be AWSOME!
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(1) I would like to see customizable characters. Facial features, hair color, hair length, facial hair, skin tone, etc., and not just natural colors, but blues and greens and reds and whatever.

(2) I would like to see our actual character names in the game instead of our account names.

(3) Move the completed quest popup out of the middle of the screen. It is annoying if you are still covered up in monsters. I know, just hit esc., but my fingers are kinda busy when playing my wizard.
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Interesting suggestion! I'd love to hear what players think, as well.

Do you think having collections is something you'd enjoy?
Do you think it's fitting for a game like Diablo III?
If no, why not?
If yes, what kind of implementation would you appreciate most?

WOW - I am completely amazed. Someone back there supporting our ideas? This is a first.
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Love OP's idea.

The entire itemization system is just boring and unrewarding. If they added new pieces of anything, say, another bonus map, I would totally play again for the hunt. That's what this game is all about to me. Not "brawling" or crafting. Give us something to grind for, besides 5 legendaries that all require a specific property to be usefull.
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any collectibles starting from Insects and butterflies, to weird things, like dead monsters' skulls, heads and bones, to anything that looks supernatural. or jewelry with no powers. lost books or broken pieces of a portrait.

even artifacts that already lost its powers.. its a collectible anyway, but maybe you can give us a house or stronghold where we can place them just like in everquest 2.

there are so many of these collectibles in other MMOs that you can actually decorate them on your virtual houses or guild strongholds
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More gems.


- In weapon = adds elemental damage.
- Helm = All resistances.
- In armor = Specific resistance. Not sure how to get all 6 resistance types from the available slots, only four slots that normally can roll sockets. Unless blizzard introduce a socket quest in the future expansion pack that add a socket to gloves and belts.


- In armor = Life on hit.
- In helm = Resource regen. (fury, hatred, etc)
- In weapon = Life steal.


Give the blacksmith two legendry items of the same type = reroll.

1 demonic essense used when crafting = as it is now.
10 demonic essense = Base stat + Vitality random roll.
25 demonic essense = base stat + vitality + all resistances random rolls.
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I, for one, am one of what I consider a select few players that really enjoy Lore and the small things that Blizzard games are really known for. When I play WoW, I get excited beyond words when I can find a little piece of lore that I think is really pivotal to my understanding of the world of Azeroth. I would absolutely LOVE to see a system for collecting or compiling lore (a series of sidequests in each Act comprised of "Lore Dungeons" is just one idea I came up with) and being able to share those achievements with other like-minded individuals.
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I have a suggestion to introduce Bind to Game items, boosters you can not keep if you change the game. Like a permanent shrine bonus, so player will change usual behavior if they find one and may consider doing longer run. Or for example a legendary key, that will make a repl. chest give greater reward. Or legendary letter quest to kill act boss. Unexpected on high Mp trash run, huh. Key and Letter might be just delayed legendary, dropping with basic legendary drop chance. The point of BoG items to change player behavior, that what i dream about for this game. Sorry for my bad english, i will try to do better.
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I think add a collectable aspect to the game would improve it, and i also believe that allowing it to give you a bonus like armor model customization would be a great idea. Something like it was in Diablo 2 where you would have a glow if you were wearing all the pieces of a set, or even better like where you would become a ghoul if you have on all of the Trang oul's set. This is just something to add to the game that players would enjoy greatly i believe.

The idea of having a quest that rewarded you with allowing a socket to be added in an item would be awesome as well. I have some really good items that i wish i could just add a socket to so that way it would be even greater.
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Make brackets for the different difficulties

EG: "Normal Chars" have a max level of 30 and there is a ladder for most creatures killed/DPS/EHP/Paragon/Ect/Ect repeat for Nightmare, and Hell.

Also why not have a semi hardcore mode where when you die you drop all your gear, and if you dont reach that spot to get it back you lose it, kinda like Dark Souls and Demons Souls.
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