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Do you think having collections is something you'd enjoy?
Do you think it's fitting for a game like Diablo III?
If no, why not?
If yes, what kind of implementation would you appreciate most?

1) Yes, I'd love this! I'd have no stash space left, but I'd love it none the less.

2) Very fitting. The Diablo universe is full of lore. It has such a rich history. There is a lot I'd love to explore.

3) Lore objects/books you'd put together and get a cut scene would be cool. Like an object per act. Adding to the current story or back story of the world.

This could be really cool. Loving the idea of adding to the lore through collectables.
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Interesting suggestion! I'd love to hear what players think, as well.

Do you think having collections is something you'd enjoy?
Do you think it's fitting for a game like Diablo III?
If no, why not?
If yes, what kind of implementation would you appreciate most?

Other item like hellfire ring or soj

Hellfire : very nice exp bonus
Soj : My dps drop but give me cold dmg + elite dmg

They are very good alternative.

they could give
- cannot be frozen or (half freeze duration)
- prevent monster (ramdom afix)
- knockback
- reduce x% target defence
- 100% chance to cast when you (lvl up) - (die)
- (any element) absorb.
- etc ^^

Frostburn need +1 ramdom propretie !!

p.s : account bound is cool !
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I love the idea of being able to farm and collect items that you just want to keep.

Make a stash with a specific slot for each legendary and set item (legacy or current take up the same slot so you have to choose). Once you put an item in, it's bound and ticks it off in an achievement style window inside the museum stash. Upgrade your collection if you dare!

The collection window would need to have no achievement or in game value, just something to stop - lol, brim just dropped :)

Just an idea :)
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Alright, quite a bit of this are great idea's and I support a few of them. However, many reiterate on more itemization, more competitiveness (ladder, pvp, ect), expanded dungeons...

I know the coding/scripting issues would be a pain, and many are trying to avoid more BoA equipment. Thus a few of these Ideas may help things out, and give us all we would like... and lure back the player base. But if a use for these exist beyond just shelf space exist. The desire to collect them will be much greater.

1) D3's story occurs many years after D2. So lore items that have sifted down through the ages
would have occurred,. make use of these: Scrolls/Maps, Books, Artwork.
(examples: Scroll/map - increases the chance of nameless mini dungeons to spawn.
Books - If a base dungeon is 1-3 lvls, additional volumes add the chance of an
additional 1-3 lvls to spawn with that acts nameless dungeons.
Artwork - Description/puzzle to increase the chance spawn/difficulty of Purples in
these dungeons.)
Act Legends - Like whimsyshire, each act has its dungeons that are named zones.
These are intended to be challenges beyond anything we have faced
before, and to just curbstomp/steamroll anything in here is a
little disappointing. Increase the challenge, however nessicary.

2) Since D2, our followers have been like family, some surviving longer than the player.
In D3, while being named NPC's they are often treated worse than some poor intern from the
80's. Thus increase they're usefulness, in the shape of items, paragon lvls, or their slightly
customization skill sets.Items that boost their abilities or reduce cooldowns on them.
Unfortunately this includes the poor craftsmen.[gold sink ahead]
(examples: -Templar - ability to increase the rolls of items dropped, a higher chance of items
with a +1 to +3 on a chosen core stat: str, dex, int, vit per every 2 paragon lvls...
-Scoundrel - boost gem frequency or favor a gem type over others, this will work
better with more than the current 4 gem types available.
-Enchantress - boost or alter the effects of subskills or runes applied to the players
current skill build. The elemental affixes of our skills are good, but if her presence
boosts Fire, Frost, Lightning, Poison, ect. by 1% to 3% per 2 paragon lvls..
-Smith - Equipment that alters the chance of rolls or increases garunteed stats on
crafted items, increased price via mats/gold. items are gathered and built like the
Hellfire ring.
-Artisan- Boosts the effects of gems crafted at his booths, a cumulative bonus per
crafted teir, yes one could go straight from FS, but the boost would be smaller than
if a player nurtured that gem from a Chipped. Increased price via mats/gold.
-Mystic- Crafts/Alters runes. Of course some uber-elite runes would have to be BoA,
Like how the Marquee Gems are treated.
Rune functions: Lesser alters cooldown/resource cost +/-
Greater alters damage, crit chance/effect, proc's
Epic(boa) copies monster affixes, uses to a lesser affect.
Molten, Plagued, Arcane Sentry, Missile Dampening, ect.
-Brawler- Increases arenas, knows the Ladders. Sets up PvP matches and
mass PvP events. Earn gladiatorial rewards, monikers, ect...
Pay gold, gems and mats for prices for entry into Ladders
and Championships.
-Archivist- See the lore section above.

We bought this game to play the levels, face down the legions of hell and beyond. Not live on the ah hoping for a reasonable price, looking for that ever slight edge that just might let us live 10 more seconds. Hero's accumulate followers, the legacies are recorded in our Achievements list or Hardcore character's Tombs. This is a game, let us play it. So we can have memories like the following.

To state a quote from a friend, after his long days in D2:

"Its quite the picture to watch a lvl 70 barb chase a single fetish down,
disappearing into the underbrush. But only to come running out after
a few moments later being chased by a hoard of several hundred."
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Not sure if this has been posted in the 24 pages, but the OP is right on for this. It would be great to say have 10 different collections, you collect "lore books" and once you have 10 of each type, you can turn them in for a gem, or a rare or legendary or something of that nature.

You could really expand this to have multiple collection items spanned out over different themes. Might be a neat way to have players differentiate themselves as well. Collection items could give you unique looks, auras for your gear etc...
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I think having public game events would be good. Some can be random, some can be set.

Random: You're questing, or key grinding or whatever and you get a popup stating that legions of monsters and a super-uber boss have been sighted somewhere (fields of misery...etc). You get the option to portal there to join the other heroes (other online players) in defending the realm from invasion. Would have to have worthwhile experience gain, higher chance of great drops...etc. You would keep your NV in porting there and porting back to where you were when you started. Also the boss/mobs would be difficulty adjusted based on the strength/numbers of heroes that show up.

Set: Announce events on the forums for set times and keep it varied. Similar to above just without the random timing.

I don't know if anyone else would enjoy it, but it sounds like a fun way to break up the monotony a bit.
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How about being able to dye legendary and set items a different colour to start with.

Reaching Paragon 100 or Killing Diablo on MP 10 (as it is now harder with the extra critters about), should entitle you to something. It's a bit of an anticlimax, you get all the way there and what..............nothing.
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Interesting suggestion! I'd love to hear what players think, as well.

Do you think having collections is something you'd enjoy?
Do you think it's fitting for a game like Diablo III?
If no, why not?
If yes, what kind of implementation would you appreciate most?

It doesn't do anything.
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Interesting suggestion! I'd love to hear what players think, as well.

In a sense, I've "collected" achievements, and occasionally been tempted to collect pieces of the black rock ledger until I find an alternate use for the inventory space and remember the ledger ship doesn't show up very often. There are also conversation and lore "collections", so I can certainly say that I've enjoyed them, and they have fit their way into Diablo in some form.

I highly support pursuing additional collections or forms of rewards, but I don't think the difficult part is as much in giving us something to collect as it is in making a collectible desirable. Banner rewards, for example, are neat, but you have only one banner, and the rest of the unused options start to matter far less. Lorebooks failed to excite, largely because the content of so much of it lacked character, and mostly served to fill in those completely new to Diablo on minor details.

I would personally enjoy if part of the game involved deeper dungeons in which you collected artifacts to help uncover important lore about the history of sanctuary, but the thing with lore-based rewards is that they are extremely finite. We need a set of rewards that will continually be worth pursuing. Even gold struggles in this way, because there isn't enough variety in the kinds of things players consistently want from using gold.

I would consider it reasonable to use scattered collectibles as a form of enriching the process involved in working in new game rewards. New socketable items and premier enhancements, such as socketing a previously unsocketed item, or improving stats on an item. Such things have been regarded as a "chore" in the past, and I think part of that may be because these systems relied primarily on gold. By making such rewards part of a collection mechanic, you can tie them to particular challenging (or at least diverse) gameplay activities thus putting a particular significance on the whole process, rather than making it "one more trivial thing to remember to do."

If you want to find an alternative to making all rewards about character development, one thing that might be interesting for explorers could be assembling pieces of an item which helps ensure a particular randomly-occurring event appears. This could be used to layer collection (an uncommon event contains a special collectible exclusive to it) while keeping it from being completely forced (the player also has the opportunity for the event to roll randomly and naturally). I think this could give more meaning and importance to special-objective events.

I remember that when I first found the crumbling vault, it was exciting to race the clock to the treasure room. But once I found out that the single resplendent chest can't compare to the reward of fighting the elites within, I was no longer motivated to complete the event as it was intended. If the reward there was unique to the dungeon, that would be different. Perhaps new, unique areas (even built off existing map sets) could be added as random events to all the different acts to create unique challenges and offer new kinds of rewards together.
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Interesting suggestion! I'd love to hear what players think, as well.

Do you think having collections is something you'd enjoy?
Do you think it's fitting for a game like Diablo III?
If no, why not?
If yes, what kind of implementation would you appreciate most?

People hang onto the black rock ledger and other little things. It might be fun if they decorated the towns instead of clogging up a stash, and I'd love to see more little touches that change the environment the more you play.
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