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05/09/2013 06:18 PMPosted by HomerSimpson
I would rather collect armor and weapons. The trick is that they have to be useful. This is Diablo, I don't care about the story.

Diablo 3 doesn't have an intensive story line I agree this would help flesh or out for the people who do care about lore and story line. Better items should come with an itemization update this ask would be an addition to all of that. Some may say it's not very diablo like but neither is the AH I think it would be a good thing to add some new things to do in the game. But that's just imo..
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Interesting....every time I see a thread about adding new content, someone always mentions adding the ability to socket an item....every single time.

How about some kind of uber quest which when successfully completed allows the player to add ONE random property to any item....and then that item becomes account bound.

So if you roll the dice and end up with +10% gold find on your 300m Skorn...oh well.

But then, perhaps your 20m EF lands an extra socket....or extra strength roll, or goes from 0%LS to 3%LS.....

Picture that almost perfect ammy that got trolled on the crit chance roll getting a full 10% added to it.....oh the possibilities are endless.
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hey side note where can I see all those "new record stats" popping up where can I go to see my fastest boss times and mass kills and what not would love to have a personal stat sheet
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i miss many of the places from the older games we came to know and love as diablo players. like the black marshes and the flayer dungeons,kurast and lut golein. why cant we travel to these old places and defeat the evil there again...cant be too difficult to make new/random enviroments to keep things fresh. dont misunderstand what i'm saying they dont have to be identical to the old maps...just more diverse then having four acts to re-run over and over.you know why people play WOW? because its a whole WORLD to explore....always a fresh place to enjoy if you want...i think this is whats missing. vanity items are always enjoyed by the gaming culture,so of course those are always welcome. how about a new quest to kill that wicked adria? the key system worked for a while ,now we need more content ,visuals ,incentives,ect. all in all i love playing this game...i just wish it was'nt so straight forward all the time(go here...kill this boss to get there..ect) i still think some sort of offline mode would be sweet as well..just ideas...
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Collectable cards (a short description of evil monsters and places):

Monsters drop shards (very rare). You trade 100 shards for random 1 card. You can get the same card more than once and you can only trade the card directly (not through AH).

Rewards of course should be cosmetic only (if anything at all).

People would love to see more items drop that they could use!
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Going along with the idea of gear aesthetics, perhaps this can relate to crafting as well? Make crafting materials (monster parts sound like an awesome and very Diablo-esque idea) for certain dyes that gives your gear a cool appearance (similar to bottled smoke and bottled cloud) - shades that aren't in the current list of dyes, effects like making armour shimmer like lava, or weapons gush blood, or gear grows demonic tendrils?

Pardon me if the ideas sound lame. Just woke up.

But I like this collector's thread! Would give people more interest and incentive to play other than farming and grinding.
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hey blizz can u make a sufficient amount of monsters too kill everywhere. I noticed the pony level and cave of the burrowing horror (examples) were left the way they were. I found myself in these places just wanting to get out because i could be getting 5-10X more experience in the fields of misery or dalghur oasis (examples) Basically i never want too go in these places again :P Spread out the monster population everywhere evenly
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I like the idea. But, how to display it? That's the ultimate question. Why collect, if not to display?

Also, is there a benefit to collecting these things? Some purely cosmetic benefit? That would make it interesting.
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I'd like to see collectibles like an expanded version of the lore books we pick up, where they would make a full, large story. I gave a lot of feedback about The Book of Cain that includes several details that include how the UI would appear.


Besides gear alone, I want something that really delves into the lore of the game. I want to see new, semi-important characters created that launch the game in many directions. As an example...

Today I can guess at a few things about possible expansion ideas. From the remaining characters that are alive, and watching the Black Soulstone fall from the heavens...I can start to piece together what an expansion will include.

Forget that. Combine the fun of rare, random drops with collectible lore pieces, and create a "Boba Fett" for the game that I've never seen. Make me come onto the forums with a dozen different ideas of what I'd like to see in a new expansion story.

When I encounter some person that seems small and insignificant to the game, start throwing me strange references that seem to explain how much more powerful that individual is.

I'll tell you this much. Right before Diablo 3 launched I bought The Book of Cain. That book, the illustrations, the story structure, right down to the font, just amplified my need to play in a way that most gaming events don't ever accomplish.
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This would be an amazing idea. We could grind not only for gear, but for a matching set no matter the gear choice. I would love to look like nightmare from Soul Caliber, the wizard could get a Black Mage look from FF. the possibilities are endless and it would give people a reason to keep at it.
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I'd love to see some sort of collecting in D3.

One of the things that pulled me back into WoW was the pet collecting.
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I'll say,

First, please come out with an equipment slot for equipping the collector's edition wings so players do not have to equip it every single time.

Second, it will be nice if loots drop armor aesthetics that can make the character's equipment glow with aura or something? Let the aura have some effect on the team or mobs? Previously on diablo 2, characters emit an aura when they wear a complete set items.

Third, could Blizzard come out with a lock equipment button to lock equipment so that players won't equip inventory items or throw them out accidentally?

Fourth, it will be nice if Blizzard can generate random maps and have more random side quests to begin with. The game has come to a boredom state. With random quests or infinite dungeon levels, players can now continue to play with surprises and anticipation.

Fifth, collecting of stuffs is a good idea. On top of that, have the items collected be displayed at the character screen.

Sixth, it will be cool to have titles bestowed upon the characters on the number of monsters killed or the number of items collected.

Seventh, organize in game events to attract players back to the game.

Eighth, let the characters be able to equip aesthetic items to their armor, i.e, olive leaves on armor, monster's head on weapon or something else.

Ninth, it will be even cooler if Blizzard is able to implement a pet that can interact with players following the character on their quest like for backpacking or something? Pet will be able to level up and has crowd control ability?

Tenth, even nicer if players can collect items to change the town outlook?

Just my thought.
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I'd really like collecting other things besides gear for builds/utility/efficiency, etc.

There could also be a new tab under your player profile that lists "Collections."

What we can collect will totally be up in the air, though.

I think transmog would be the start of something because you'll need to find the right gear sets for appearances.
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It would be great to collect skins for transmogrifying armor. Just to set your character apart from all the thousands of Mempo and Vile Wards-wearing others out there.
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Interesting....every time I see a thread about adding new content, someone always mentions adding the ability to socket an item....every single time.

How about some kind of uber quest which when successfully completed allows the player to add ONE random property to any item....and then that item becomes account bound.

So if you roll the dice and end up with +10% gold find on your 300m Skorn...oh well.

But then, perhaps your 20m EF lands an extra socket....or extra strength roll, or goes from 0%LS to 3%LS.....

Picture that almost perfect ammy that got trolled on the crit chance roll getting a full 10% added to it.....oh the possibilities are endless.

I like this idea a lot
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I really like the OP's idea of collecting pages that can form books once all found. This can open up ways for the writers/artists at Blizzard to implement stories into the game that brings the player more into the universe/lore of Diablo.

i.e. findable item "<insert page title here>"
1. Once all pages have been found of a certain particular book, idea: bring them to a crafter, (existing or maybe....a new crafter. ;p) and the crafter can "form" the book for an ideally balanced fee.
2. You can now read the book as a whole.
3. i.e. Book Title- "The tale of the lost Witch Doctor of lower Kurast" or "The Gidbinn" (some more/lore stories behind what were finding experiencing in the world of Sanctuary)

Who knows, maybe the black rock ledger pages could form a book. ;p

This would excite me very much. I personally feel that the lore in Sanctuary in Diablo 3 is a bit lacking. I would really like to see the writers/lore ppl really implement more into D3. As for the example- "The Gidbinn" I know that legendaries provide a brief description (lorewise.) Why not a story? Where was the Gidbinn created? Who created it? What was it's involvement in the jungles of Kurast? How did it end up in present day Sanctuary?

The more I think about how in depth this idea could get the more I think it could be asking too much. *sigh*

oh p.s. collecting books in the game could be new achievements in the achievements page. The grandaddy of book achievements- "All books found" "You are the new Deckard Cain brainiac of Sanctuary"
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I like lore stuff. Unfortuenately the D3 & SC2 Lore is only fun for the first time, because on the second look it's got the quality of a bad action movie.
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I want a little panda side kick with a straw hat. Please make it happen.
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1: Charms (tradeable)
2: Charmbags (nontradeable: holds charms)
3: Ears (oh yeah!)


I second this. I was actually thinking about something very similar earlier today and could expand on this point a little.

1. Re-introduce charms.
2. Make a charm bag.
3. Make a gem bag. Surely I'm not the only person who used the horadric cube as gem storage. We all did that at some point.
4. Introduce new gems and make the existing ones incredibly powerful, enough to build toward and around.
5. Introduce the third skilled vendor. We know its coming. That empty stall in each town is such a tease for what could have been. Mystic or whatever she was going to be called. Make it so you can pay her in extreme amounts of gold or in gems. Unnecessary? Probably, but I like the thought of paying her in gems as a commodity.
6. Ears. The quoted post is what pushed me over the edge and prompted me to log in and post. You should create a feature that allows higher leveled players not on your friends list to have a rare chance of dropping ears from brawling. These ears could then boost the power of string of ears as long as the ears are in your inventory. Other 'outside the box' legendary examples would also be nice.

7, and most importantly: Please develop a significant gold sink (emphasis). New crafting recipes are very cute. Truly. I love them. But recent events have only exacerbated an already looming issue: the longer the game is played, the more gold in the system. As of now, there are few meaningful ways for gold to leave to system. I think introducing new crafting recipes was a phenomenal step in the right direction. We need more of it.

Blizzard, by not rolling back you have respected the time and effort of the many who have played since 1.0.8 dropped. You have also taken on the immensely heavy burden of tracking down each transaction by the offenders of recent exploits. Kudos. A goldsink was something that already needed to exist. I think we need one sooner now.

Edit: Removed a couple sentences to make myself appear like a more reasonable person ;) Blues can see whats up.
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Perhaps adding recipes to combine certain legendary items together to form a super end game item, for example: Hellfire ring + unity + stone of Jordan = some orange named ring that's omgwtfbbqownage or something. Lacunis + Strombracers + archon bracers you crafted = some orange named item that's like 'OHH MY GAHH GURLL!". These oranges could be maybe a 15% increase into the account bounded crafted items stats, or perhaps a 20% increase in matching stats shared by the 3 legendary items being used in the recipe (yes, I know archon bracers are not legendary but you get the idea). Hellfire has 230 intel, unity has 150 intel, SOJ has 100 (for arguments sake) that averages to 160 intel, double that and BOOM your new orange god item has 320 intelligence. Maybe they all shared 4.5, 6.0 and 5.5 CC? BOOM your new ring has 320 intelligence and (16/3)*2 = 10.667 (repeating of course) additional CC to punch demons in the face with.

I like the idea of account bound modifiers that drop and allow for changes in armor looks... I wouldn't mind a gucci patterned cape to superman swag around in you know? Combine dyes to make cool visual effects, splash it on some trippy shoulder design you scraped off Seige Breakers body and WHAMMO you got something no one else has. More to come.
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