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Is it just me, or.....

Is it just me, or have some people gone full retard in the AH?

As I am looking through the AH, prices have just gone crazy. Barb's who have looked at daggers, have seen the old Fissure Blur dagger just lurking in the Ah(kinda like a bad girlfriend,just can't get rid of her). The person was trying to sell for 100m-150m before patch, now they are trying to sell for 250m-750m.(after the gold dupe mishap, I mean patch 1.08) Now listen, I am all for making what you can, but really if I happen to have a little(or maybe allot) of extra coin laying around and I happen to get through the audit do you really think I'm going to go and just put my self out there to be found on items like this?(or anything else for that matter)

I guess what I am saying, for you that think people who have made it through this audit with some extra coin and are trying to spend it, are most likely going sit back and stay out of the sun for a few, NOT go out and draw attention to them self. So lets get out there and have some fun and try to keep our pricing reasonable. The longer people try to make a quick coin the longer it will take for the economy to start to balance out(*Snickers)<--- Add what ever you want there, but most will understand what I mean.

So remember, Never go full retard and and use your better judgement when pricing.If you couldn't sell an item (before patch 1.08) for 100m, then its not going to sell for 750m after patch! I'm just saying!!
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Lol I couldn't agree more people just don't think logically even the people that didn't exploit or benefit are not going to buy crap items for more after this fiasco. Crap items are crap. Common sense says if they didn't sell before all this for cheap what makes someone think they will sell for more now? The market will level out once people begin to realize their crap won't sell and start bringing prices down. With no price points in place right now it's gonna be hectic. Give it a few days.
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Great...once again legit players are screwed and players who unknowingly took advantage of the exploit get to keep the gold/items and screw the economy. even more Top tier topaz is 300m+ ....yeah this is much better than a rollback.
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RS topaz is currently 28 mil.................
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I sold a bunch of stuff for 4x it's price within 5 minutes...then NOTHING.

So hopefully you can do the same (maybe it's too late already) and hoard gold until prices get sane.
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Actually things are WAY better than I figured.
I assumed gems would be around 80 mil still and settling around 40 mil at the end of next week.

This is day 1 of AH coming back up (aka: the height of players greed) and gems are below 30mil?
Gratz on Blizzard doing an excellent job!
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Prices WILL level out.

If they got 85% of the duped gold out like they said...prices WILL level out.

Next patch with new itemization will see to that even if common sense did not.

Gem prices are maybe 10% higher now than they were pre-patch. That's a MAJOR leveling already and should be seen as a indicator.

Right now people are trying to get 2b for 2m gear. When they fail...they will eventually give up.
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Everyone is underestimating the number of players who did not take advantage of the dupe in any way.

That would be the vast majority of people.

I did not take advantage...and I have a good number of hours on this game. I didn't even know about it.

I'd be that over 95% of the people did not take advantage in any way whatsoever. (that includes mere gem sellers)
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Prices will level out... the printing press broke so people actually value 2beez for what it is. The smart players that got a windfall of gold will hold it until the itemization patch.
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05/11/2013 07:20 AMPosted by RMSTITAN
and I happen to get through the audit do you really think I'm going to go and just put my self out there to be found on items like this?

Why do people with billions of new duped gold have to hide?

Blizzard has given them the pass. Literally, Blizzard is not going to do anything about them. They don't have to "worry" and hide their gold, etc.

Prices will "balance out" - but they're going to balance out at a higher price than they were before the patch. You can thank Blizzard for not doing a server rollback for that.
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People are shooting in the dark right now, posting for outrageous prices in the hopes some exploiter/duper out there will buy.

Give it time guys, it will balance out.

Remember, BUYERS decide what items sell for, not the sellers.

If prices are too high, items won't sell, and everything will settle back to normal.
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