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So I seen your issue on the temp ban and don't want to encounter it myself, but its seeming hard to stay away from the temptation with the low price of $0.72 atm. I've done this before many times and had no issues, but don't want to go through what you had to! Are they going to do the same to other's that sell 30+ or was that just a issue with the patch coming out?

Is this not legal? Seems legit to me. It will let you do it, so how can it be wrong?!?

Thanks in advance!!

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no one knows what is now acceptable practices for gem flipping
my guess would be small batches ie sales less than 100mil or maybe 250mil dont get flagged
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you asking to exploit the system for money?

don't do it, son.
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Not trying to exploit the system for money at all. Just trying to reach 300k dps and join the higher tier monks. No interest in anything but a 5.5% mempo and some better gear lol. Never have I pulled money out of my D3 account!!
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You should be fine flipping RMAH radiants to gold now. That's like 0.09/m conversion? Id wait until they re-enable $0.25/10m to buy anything. I'd expect to see gems go up a bit past 30m when that happens, but who knows.

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seems to good not to imo lol.
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Well they reopened both Ah's. Seems legit to me.
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I don't understand why this would be an issue.

People did this for months before the dupe. They will continue to do it after the dupe.

People didn't get banned for playing arbitrage wars.
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well I didn't flip gems that day lol I got temp banned for having a large gold stack to start with or because I put two gems on rmah than cancelled the auction

to answer your question I think you should be fine don't go crazy and do it all in one day the only reason people got ban I think is because technically (not fair in my view) they were exploiting the gold dupe with real money

but I don't wanna get you in trouble so it is 100% your choice

on the other hand I am wonder when they're going to increase stack size from 1m to 10m if flipping gems will still be worth it
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