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I do an pretty good job at farming MP10 CotA now and don't die too often - maybe once in 10 runs or so. The majority of my death comes from an elite dropping 2-3 lasers and I need to gtfo. So I would TR out of there and a seconds or 2 later, I would see myself doing the same thing again - this time, I am dead. Any suggestion as to how to deal with this?

Does it have to do with mob density?

The quality of my hardware?

My Internet connection?

Or is it just something on the server side and I just need to live with it. (If so, how the heck can people play HC?)

TIA for your help
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drop TR for DS, drop SW for FITL. fixed...
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cant afford 2x1 hand weapons
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If I understand the OP, he is not understanding what rubberbanding is.

Basically you are rubberbanding. Apparently 1.0.8a included a fix for that.
To get around rubber banding, refer to above advice:

You definitely don't need TR for CotA runs. If you are having problems with rubberbanding just drop it for DS.

As DethAxe said, DS works really well in there.

Some information about rubberbanding

p.s. a number of HC deaths have been attributed to rubberbanding, lag, disconnects, bugs, etc...
HC is hard!
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The rubberbanding fix did nothing.
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Thanks for all the replies.

So essentially, there is nothing I can do other than not use a skill that increases my movement speed?

Dang, that really sucks...
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