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I purchased a "Puzzle Ring (Legacy)" for 60,000,000 on 5/18/2013, and it has yet to show up in my completed items. The gold for it was absolutley removed, and it's listed as "Purchased - Buyout" but nothing else has come of it. I had a similar issue with a mempo of twilight I purchased a couple minutes prior to it, but that has since shown up. It's been several, several hours and I am wondering what the next steps I need to take are.

There is not transaction ID, but I'm sure you can check my gold auction house transactions and see the purchase. Any help is very much appreciated in this situation.
Well... whoever just did that... THANK YOU!

Resolved. (literally, a minute after posting this)
Bah... experiencing this again on two more items. Tried equipping my monk to finally try playing em into paragon levels, and now I get stuck waiting on the weapon and ring to clear, or whatever the heck is going on!
Same thing here, I bought a pair of Lacuni's, sold my old ones and can't use them because they don't show up. I tried everything to get them to show but they just won't. Basically means I can't play the game.
same here, I bought yesterday the cain's fate set, but I only got three out of four items. the boots never appeared in the completed items.
just happened to me also. i have a picture of an item i purchased right after and sent to stash. i also submitted ticket
This just happened to me. I purchased an amulet for 25M and it never showed up. I purchased other much cheaper items since then and those have shown up just fine. I submitted a ticket.
l'm having the same issue with a 1h I purchased last night for 95 mil. Shows as completed, but never showed up.
Any word on this issue? You guys ever get your items? Just bought a Litany for 27mil in hardcore and it isn't coming through. :(
Same problem here. A resolution is appreciated..
Me too, someone please prod the AH gremlins.
My IK belt purchased for 200m from gold AH is not reseved.
Yeah, still waiting on an item from 6/8/13. I've only rarely had this issue before but usually its just 10 minutes or so and probably due to net or server issues. Never been this long.
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It can potentially take up to 72 hours to appear, though it almost never takes that long.
i'm also having the same problem zzz this is the 1st time i exp it...
I am having this issue... just purchased my new weapon upgrade on the HC auction house and not I'm just sitting waiting... Anyone have any input about this problem?
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Indeed we do. Here is the Blue post from the top of the forum...one above yours.
Owl ,

Please allow at least 72 hours after an auction is ended before contacting us about items not being received. After that time has elapsed, you need to submit a support ticket as described below:

1. Go to the Battle.net Support website at https://us.battle.net/support/en/ticket/submit
2. Choose "Diablo III" as the game with which you need assistance.
3. Ensure that "Use a few words to summarize your issue" is selected.
4. Type in "auction house" and click Next.
5. Choose one of the options that best matches your problem.
6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Submit a Ticket".
7. Fill out your ticket and click "Submit".

Be sure to mention in the ticket that you've waited 72 hours already and still not received the gold/items.

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Similar issue i guess..? i bought gold for USD, it says completed but i don't see the gold showing up anywhere.. was thinking maybe i just needed to wait it out but it's been about a day now i think. am i missing something? maybe a little button somewhere i haven't noticed that needs to be clicked?
oh, wait 72 hours, haha. just read that. guess i'll keep waiting for now
I bought an item of action house, payed but didn't receive the item, could really use some help here please!

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