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Help pricing the EF on my monk?

Perfect 10.0 fear, perfect .25 aps. It has CritD and a socket. I did ask the trade forum first, but I can't even get a response over there. I figure there may be more people hanging out here who are familiar with the dex EF market.

Any help would be appreciated. Never had an item I had this much trouble figuring out before.

Echoing Fury:
1062.8 dps
569-897 dam
1.45 aps

+255 min dam
+239 max dam
+37% dam
160 Dex
+.25 APS
52% CritD
10.0% Fear
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I think you may be able to get as much as 200 mil for it. It's a 4.6k DPS decrease for me and I paid 255 mil for mine, but I wasn't bargain hunting.
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use the ah to price check.

set the filters to Echoing Fury, Dexterity = 145, CHD = 42, Open Socket = 1. click search. set the field to sort by to buyout (ascending). then starting from the top find comparable aps and fear values. and theres your price.

really, forum price checking is really only needed when there isn't an easy way to do so over ah. like 6% cold and 8% crit Wave of Light SOJs. or items that are worth more than '2beez'.
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Obviously the AH is the first place to look.

I have searched repeatedly over the last day, and stuff's just all over the place, and I can't find anything with perfect rolls on both the fear and the aps, that's anywhere near its damage and critD values. Things are either way higher damage or have perfect CritD and thus at a value that is clearly higher than this, or are similar damage but very different on the other stats.

I know it's not a 2b item, but I meant it when I said I've never had this much difficulty pricing something. I had less trouble pricing a well rolled Mara's. This is seriously the first time I've ever felt a need to ask anyone else. Also, the AH is still in a sort of weird place right now, there's a lot of over- and underpricing happening at the moment, so it's even tougher than usual to know what to do with those results.

I was very hesitant to ask the trade forum in the first place, and avoided posting to the Monk forums until I was sure that people on the trade forum probably didn't quite know what to do with it, either. I figured the monk forum could make a better estimate, as more people here are probably familiar with the dex EF market.

I am not familiar with EFs, and damn near listed it for a very low value that would have made someone's day, until I thought to double check what the minimum fear value is (I thought it was 5) and whether EFs always roll with some critD.

For right now, I guess I'll list it at around the highest point I've seen for things even a little similar, and walk it down until it goes.
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so i went ahead and did exactly what i told you to do.. and yeah it was a little confusing at first but once i determined that only people with less than 11% fear were pricing their items much higher than other low fear it was simple to figure out. i saw many less than 11 fear auctions with low remaining times, meaning they weren't bought out. theres a near identical one to yours right now with a 200 min and 500 buyout that has not been bid on yet with 18 hours left. the difference is -.03aps, +9chd, and 29 average damage. if that item hasn't even received a bid at 200m after being on market for 18 hours, no way yours is worth more than 400m imo. its definitely not worth the 1b your currently listed at.
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