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Its worth change my off hand for a WKL?

would lose the 11% atk speed and 80% crit dmg.
what is the minimun +% lightning skills damage to be worth it?
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Since you're playing FoT/ Cyclones build, WKL most definitely is the ideal weapon for you. 900-ish DPS with 22-23% bonus to lightning skills will blow your current setup out of the water, regardless of CD/AS loss.

However, it appears that your only form of sustain is the 2.8% LS on your current OH. Seeing how you're planning to replace that fist with a WKL, you'll have no choice but to look for one with equal or higher LS and socket or high innate CD. I have no idea what budget you have to work with, but you should be probably advised that a good WKL with such stats will cost you a small fortune...
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got 390m atm, found one on ah with +23% skill damage,but i dont think i will win
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When looking at WKL's I'd suggest following these guidelines:


As far as calculating whether or not WKL is worth more mpdps than your current weapon, just use this formula for a decent estimation:

((pdps * 0.8) * (1.XX%)) + (pdps * 0.2)

where XX = the lightning skills damage (15-25% affix) on the WKL you're looking at. If the final # (from the formula) is higher than your unbuffed pdps, then the WKL is an upgrade.
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i guess the problem its the price, can find a 20% for less than 1b
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Even dropping to around 850 dps on the WKL should still be an overall increase to your DPS. I think Mine is a 844 dps with 2.5 LS, 161 dex and a socket (I also have a CD one for lower MP farming so I'm not wearing my LS one and cant check at work) But I replaced a 1200 DPS Echoing Fury with that WKL and while my paper DPS went down by about 15k, my effective DPS according to d3up increased by quite a bit. (I also use the FoT / SW cyclone build)

Edit: I think I paid 350mil for my LS WKL
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