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Stuck at 127k Unbuffed Dps

Not sure where to head with my monk now, I can't seem to find anything that is a dps upgrade right now, without risking survivability. I farm mp 5 all day, but I kill things in mp 7 too darn slow. I know I need to max out my gems, but other than that I'm stuck
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Well, you can switch out your nat boots for a pair of 200 dex with dual resists, you sacrifice a little damage, but you get wiggle room on your other gear to add much more damage. (not sure how expensive it would be now post 1.8)

Next I would say to craft bracers and shoulders, you can easily get 100 more dex on your wrists and the same secondary stats if you are patient enough. Then if you can get a pair of shoulders with vit, life% and your resist (or AR) that may give you enough room to upgrade your ammy since right now that is tough to get rid of because of all the VIT on it.

You also can always replace the gem in your helm to add life% since the extra health will help you be able to farm a high MP which will offset the loss of the exp gem.

Other than that see if you can get a 1k EF with OS and Life Steal, once again could be kind of expensive at this point... you could also try to go with a really high damage one without the life steal to see how it feels just using the 2.9% on the axe. You could also get LoH on the new ammy to partially make up for the loss on the EF.
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Thanks a lot. I have about a 400m budget, so I should be able to find stuff I need. Just didn't know what direction to aim for. This will really help
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Shameless self promotion here, but this is what I've done with approximately 231M gold on non-BOA gear and gems.


Granted, I've had some amazing BoA crafting luck but maybe this can inspire you on what you can achieve on a limited budget.
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It is a rough time to be buying upgrades. I'd say wait it out as things are still too expensive, especially weapons...That 400m may not go very far :(
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If you are looking for DPS, I would sugguest you craft,

1. Shoulders

2. Bracer

3. Gloves.

4. EF with CD

5. Better MH with CD,LS and Socket.

Not any particular order.

My $0.02.
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Thanks for all of the advice. I have a lot of crafting mats saved up so I will start crafting and hoping for some good luck lol
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