I am having a bad problem with FPS aswell...I start whirlwinding+ casting 2 other spells simultaneously (war cry+sprint as fury spender) now I notice I will rubberband; going back to a place I have already been. I notice this only happens with whirlwind while casting a fury spender.

annnnd my fps drops to 13 in some heavy parts.
I found a solution a couple of months ago to put some d3 files on a flash drive to increase reaction time (Mechanical harddrives don't have this type of response time) It increased fps, but with the recent patch something dropped it to back where it was.

At one point while spamming whirlwind, war cry and sprint, I would also get disconnected. This was not a network problem; it was a reoccurring barbarian problem. It has not happened this patch (1.08) yet.

This is my setup:

Monitor: 37 Inch vizio hooked up through HDMI
Graphics card: Radeon hd 6850
Processor: i3 2120@3.3 Ghz
RAM: 8Gb corsair vengeance
Motherboard: Asrock gen3 extreme z78 -? or something like that.

Other information:

Game settings: High settings, V sync enabled;
1920 by 1080p resolution (16:9) 60 Hz
Driver: AMD Catalyst control 13.1

Location: MS

Character: Barbarian
Skills: War cry (Impunity)
Whirlwind (Hurricane)
Sprint (Run like the wind)