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mp8 monk set give away for new players only

ohh can I just give it to a friend http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Reese-1144/hero/26516883
as you can see he really needs it.

Don't worry I will not keep the set for myself. If I win I will ask him to ad you in game for the set.come on this guy can't even play the game at any montser power.
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Just restarted D3 like many of the others here. The gear would be much appreciated. Thanks for helping out others in the community :)
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this set would realllly help me out in farming and lvling up my monk in the higher mp lvls.
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Thanks for offering one of us lucky winners your MP8 set.

Hoping for your consideration
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Hi ultralisk, I am a big fan of the monk class, I played the monk male on launch but he was so ugly so I had to remake for the girl xD. I live for the MONK! and I will be so glad to win the set because I never use the RMAH and barely use the GAH. All my stuff was drops and crafts, I really put a lot of time into this game and class and your set will really help me reach my level 100 paragon goal with the monk. Also..my birthday is on 23 may (proof facebook), it would be an totally epic gift!

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i m new and my friend helped me to get some gear but its so bad that i cant even kill elites in mp2-3, help plz
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<-- Neeeedd helpppppppppppppppppp
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Hey I could really use the set as I just returned and planning to play my level 16 monk again. It would be great help when his 60 thank u:)
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I don't think there will be any new entries you have to chose someone here.
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Lol is this giveaway still running
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
Posts: 36
I need some help as I struggle to upgrade. however, I do not intend to take your stuff for free and is willing to purchase some gold to reimburse you for the bracers and helm. you could use the money to help other players if necessary as it probably will be quite significant in my perspective. Pls let me know if you are interested to lend a hand. Thank you.

Best Regards
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If possible I'd really like this set, I'm struggling to make money but I still try and run public groups since I can barely do mp1. If possible anything will help. Thanks!
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I could use it :/ only at like 44k for damage.
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I started playing again after 4-5months not playing, I'm willing to pay gold if needed.

Having trouble staying alive at mp5 at the moment.
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Can we exchange the Natalya's Reflection? :D

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Can't say I'm new i've had the game since launch unfortunately due to internet connection my ability to play has been very sparse to say the least. I'ld like to throw my name in for the drawing as well ultralisk. Win or lose man, rocks you're doing something this nice for players who haven't gotten the chance to gear up yet.
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I´ve played since release but then i had to stop due to my personal problems, and now im back and with my gear its not possible to farm properly MP3....i would appriciate your help :) sorry for my english...im not the best :D thanks
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Thanks for being so generous!
Given I have been spending more time trying to snipe auction than I have playing, I wold love help on offer.

Even tho my Monk is my main, I have played a Wiz & Barb to 60 (Monk has most play time). I am lucky that a friend gave me several epic items for my Barb- so he is better geared than my Monk.

I have been playing for about 4-6 weeks.

Oh, my 6yo son has a Monk (lvl10) too. I am sure he would love something that looks pretty :)
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Currently playing a monk. MP3 is the max I can go, but mp2 is where I farm more efficiently at the moment. I feel I would benefit greatly from the set.
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hey man i bet you can do more than mp1, once you spend 15 minutes in 2 or 3, you'll feel comfortable. i can do mp5 pretty comfy and i dont have much more dps than you. give it a shot. im a budgeteer as well

well i'd appreciate that help as well but as u can see i can do mp5.....however i dont spend real money, and have only been able to invest about 20 mil into my monk since starting by gold farming. would love the help!
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