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mp8 monk set give away for new players only

Hey, I don't have any interest in the gear. (I get my jollies slowly and painfully upgrading my monk lol)

Just wanted to say props to you, man. Good to see people helping others.
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Hi there
Just coming back to D3 played it for awhile quite a time back when the game was released. I am really looking forward to pushing forward with the new paragon and the new MP levels would love to have a chance at this great gear you are offering. If you would like to contact me please send a request would like to meet you and best of luck who ever is blessed with this set.
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well i just got my monk up to 60 a few days ago. and i can barely go above mp 2 in inferno. any items will help.
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After my post yesterday, I got motivated to level my monk faster. So, I went from 32 to 60 today. Even if I don't win the set, your initiative certainily helped a lot to make me work harder.
Thanks for the generous initiative and good luck to the winner.
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Just wondering... shouldn't an MP8 capable monk be given to intermediate player rather than new player? New players can be given a set for MP5 and slowly find their footing there until they are ready for some upgrades. The recipient of this MP8 set can give away his set to new player, then there's a sense of progression among the members of the community rather than some lucky up-start got a huge jump whilst others are still slogging away stuck in the middle class.

Just a thought.

p/s: can't see your giveaway set profile... is it on the toon called DARKarchon?
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This wILL help me! (If its still avail?)
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MAN i would love this set and need it for sure , btw this is a really nice thing to do


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hey just made a monk, been used to a WD. Any help would be appreciated.
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i want to regear my monk please filipinoenzo#1433
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Hey aren't you the fagggot that tried to scam everyone Filipino?
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ya !@#$ that guy op check him out, total scamming piece of %^-*.
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05/17/2013 06:17 PMPosted by ultralisk
this set is for new players only (player who can only solo mp3 or lower), it it mp8 viable, most of the the gears are self-farmed, you can upgrade some gems yourself, but it is mp8+ viable at current state. If you think this set can help you, pls post down below.

I'm not entering, just wanted to say

Very cool OP!
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Welp started about 2 weeks ago on the monk after quiting a while back due to my disliking for witchdoctors. Though idk if I'm over qualified or not. I've just been buying scraps off the ah to try to live >.>.
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