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Roll Back to Before the 1.08 Patch! Petition

As the Gold exploit has affect the community greatly I hope to see Blizzard Roll Back the game to before the 1.08 patch update was live. I would like to see this done as soon as possible so people are not effected as much by the roll back. Please sign the petition so Blizzard will actually do something about this as if they do not do something I will be done with Diablo for good and as a day one player it is there loss! Please Comment and Sign the Petition!
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I second that.
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thats great keep them coming as the more people that comment the more likely we are to get the Roll Back of the servers.
Trillions of gold was exploited and that gave people who exploited it a huge advantage! We have to stop this!
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Those people have been dealt with. It the on flow of those few buying everything in the ah no matter the price and sold those items on the rmah. Those who bought every top level gem and did the same.
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Blizzard are reviewing every traction made on the AH's and every trade made since 1.08 release and are removing/rolling things back manually.

This is actually the harder task for them to do as it takes a lot more man power but it's better then a rollback because it doesn't punish anyone who didn't exploit.

A complete rollback is not needed.
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This is highly embarrassing considering that this game was built from the ground up partly with the intent to stamp out dupes through DRM or otherwise.

It's like watching a car crash that doesn't stop.
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considering that duped items can still be found in RMAH - is it even serving that purpose.

It is clear that individuals should be punished for exploiting holes in Blizz code - but I still think the AH is required to allow items that a player doesn't need / want to be sold at a fair price- but I think the free market pricing system is what is ultimately failing us

buying items at inflated prices with gold that doesn't actually exist? - sounds like an in game GFC / subprime is coming!
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I guess their logic is
If two people from your town is convicted of pedophilia,
the convicted is accountable and registered as sex offenders or should they register the whole town as sex offenders to cop the punishment level the punishing ground even on the ones innocent. No one would logically agree to that.
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I would have agreed to a rollback if they did it earlier. But the longer they wait it would do more harm than good. People who found godly items would be penalised for their negligence of not testing the patch properly.
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there is still duped gold in the game, like my mate has sold his ammy for 800m but was only worth 50-60m

a full roll back would be the real way to fix it, and if they did it when they first found out about the expoit all this "!@#$" would be happening, but this is blizzard so it didnt happen they are going a real gay way.
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unless they have more staff checking things manually than the portion of the D3 population still trading duped gold/items & benefits from other exploits... it would be impossible for them to catch up with all the transactions.

The release by Blizz mentioned it was only 'a few' bad people, but duping aside the patch has created a lot more other issues, highlighted in the ever growing bug report threads. I'm sure more good people are affected negatively by this than the new bad people that 'may' eventually get banned caught.

Besides... the people that create huge problems in the community who bot/exploit are going to continue... regardless of what you do.

Just do a roll back, so the majority of your good population can continue to enjoy the game and not have to put up with this 'waiting phase' for you to play catch up.
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