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Demon Hunters fixed, a guide by Juicy (long)

bump till a blue will comment the ranged class disaster!!!
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05/15/2013 12:07 PMPosted by Juicypus
I'd like to thank my brother Rottana and my co-player friend Diabolo for helping me to write this post and sharing some of their ideas on the many aspects of this huge post.

You're welcome and thank you for this epic post and the huge effort you put into it!

(By the way, those who click links and see only level 1 characters and say things like "Look at this character. Its a level 1 DH.

This is just a cut and pasted thread.


replace the 'us' with 'eu' or in my case just click http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/rottana-2690/ )

As you might see, I don't play the Demon Hunter that much myself. However, I have been following my brother's work in this topic and his playing with me for over a year. I also recognize the eDPS issue, not much NOT TO UNDERSTAND there. I really believe it is very much because of resource generation (or the lack of it in the case of Demon Hunters). The damage output of my brother in the games we play together (with my Barb) is pretty awesome in my opinion. However, his paper DPS is also VERY much higher than mine AND looking at his stuff he has his gear far closer to perfection than I do. That means that I still have much more room to improve my character than he does. Also, when soloing MP10 I seem to do it far more efficiently than him. There is definitely something wrong with that picture. And in my opinion my bro here is more than SPOT ON with the vast majority of things he proposes on this thread. So please devs, PLEASE acknowledge this thread (of course I believe you have already read it) with a blue tag. Encourage other fans also to put this much effort into your game!

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Solidarity bump till bluepost!
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You need to make a blog or something about this guide, this kind of forum are not really appropiate for this kind of long of guide.
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Sadly, none of these changes will likely be implemented.
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06/07/2013 02:04 PMPosted by Axmand
You need to make a blog or something about this guide, this kind of forum are not really appropiate for this kind of long of guide.

much of the research, and good ideas players have posted hasn't been noticed by any blues or developers. I doubt much of this being forwarded it, or maybe simply ignored but travis day has already pointed out demon hunter's are in the right spot.

While many strongly disagree with him not much we can do but re-roll to another class.
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I have a feeling Blizzard would hire you in a heartbeat... if it weren't for the fact your name is Juicypus. Valid review of the DH class!
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Interesting how the community support is constantly ignoring this massive wave of edps/ranged class issues...
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bump for the sake of buff
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"This is the least used passive skill of the Demon Hunter, which is actually very surprising considering that Hot Pursuit exists as well."

Funniest line in the essay.
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Nothing more to say but +1 please read devs.

Devs, please spend a day reviewing this stuff :D
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Im just gonna go ahead and necro this thread right quick. I thank you Juicy for the effort. This is actually a really great thread, Im surprised it isnt longer. It would be worth it to the blues to give this thread a hard look.

After the interview with Wyatt and Travis over the Archon thread (still kinda pissed about Travis' bit on DHs) you heard Wyatt talking about looking at skills that no one uses and reworking those a bit. Kind of like what they did with Rapid Fire. This guide would probably help them out a bit with that task. A lot of our skills are very lackluster Id say.

My only problem with this thread is that you tend to rework the skills mostly in the favor of playing a ranged style. Which is I prefer to play, but the great thing about Diablo (at least diablo 2) is that you can have something like a DH or an amazon that is supposed to be ranged but can be played as melee and barbs that play ranged. You take that ability to choose away and you're effectively taking away options from players.

Blizz themselves have been terrible at this. Almost like a politician flip flopping between "we want you to play the way you want" and "hey guess what, that awesome tank DH build you guys figured out using jagged spikes, yea that doesnt really work with what we intended for the DH class so we're gonna take that away by reducing caltrop proc to zero! Have fun! Oh and btw way, barbs can still play ranged if they want, cuz we think thats really cool".

Its sad really...yay blizz... :-/
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I just wish, mix Spike Trap and Caltrops into one skill that costs both hatred and discipline.

It would be interesting and make this skill more viable. I know Caltrops has its own rune that does similar to my idea above, but that isn't enough to make me use it at all cost.

Also for people who think, this changed you've suggested might take away tanking part of DH, i would say, it won't. But it sure will add more variety of choices. : )

AND, yes i loved and appreciated your long long post.

Hope Bliz devs read this and "fix" this class, not just improving.
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Probably DH will never get any buff because developers have no idea of playing that class, that's the only reasonable explanation why there is ZERO response in the forums.

I'm playing Path of Exile in the meantime, perhaps with the expansionpack in one year things will get better (surely not with 1.09), in the meantime I have no reason to play d3 anymore. Farming is soooo boring, 99.999% of the loot is crap and worse. No item-development, no PvP, no real motivation to play, so what?
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Excellent post.. I agree with the vast majority of it. I was just complaining to a friend how Hot Pursuit needed to break the movement speed barrier and have pick-up radius, I like the idea you have for it.

Need some Melee-DH love from Blizzard too.. /holds breath
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Nice Read !!!

I agree with lots of things you said...... but.....

Things like chakram, you know you can get 0 hatred cost from gear, so with your mods i think it might be a bit OP !!!
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Thanks to all for keeping this thread alive :)

I must say that I'm a bit amazed that after such a long while and effort of writing, this thread has yet to receive a blue post. Yet I am nearly 100% certain that the devs have read this I just can't be sure. I'm not sure what to write about and how much to receive any blue comment if this thread is not enough :D
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