Diablo® III

Whose Monk has a birthday today?

Played right after the server gates opened (or at least some hours after that :P). I even have a picture of young Leo right here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ke42fsy98uxts46/diablo%20day%201.jpg

The game was released on a tuesday at 4AM(my time) if I recall correctly. I remember that I woke up at 3AM that day, turned on skype and waited nervously while chatting with my friends. Needless to say, me and my two buddies skipped work that day! :P

Might seem like a stupid story, but we had a good time that day. :)

Rock on Diablo! For another year! :)

True...i remember that. Unfortunately it was a sign of things to come. Good times (or not)!
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Day one monk here.. Happy happy birthday SwiftFists! Not a moments too soon, just hit P100 a few weeks back.

But it wasn't totally smooth going on that eventful first day though. I was one of the unlucky dudes who was given the brand new Diablo III set which came without a mandatory CD Key inside the box. Was totally frantic on discovering that and went back to Blizzard immediately to change for a good set. That's after alot of yelling and cursing at the Blizzard counter and the manager-in-charge there... LOL

Then after successfully installing D3, the "Error 33" hit you like a truck!
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Rolled a monk since day 1. Got my other classes to lvl 60 but still prefer to play the monk.
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I made my monk day 1 then realized my friend had also started a monk... so i rolled a DH so we wouldnt be the same class...played DH to mid patch 1.03 then switched back to my monk for the last several weeks of 1.03 and on...

...although in spirit my monk's soul was transferred from the closed beta months and months before launch :P
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My Monk was from Day 2 :( pesky Error 37 got me frustrated so I just waited till the next day to roll him. I took a few month break a while a go, but I'm back now!
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