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Monk spirit regen is not accurate on somethin

Ok so I just decided to try and make a infinite tempest rush build (and succeeded with skorn and guardians path passive which takes me well over 13 spirit regen/second, good enough for ANY tempest rush rune to be infinite)

But when I want to dual wield for the lifesteal, I take off guardians path passive and still have over 10 spirit regen/second (without sweeping winds that adds another 3 spirit/second).
^^^But then something funny happens when I throw on the tempest rush that costs 8 spirit/sec...my spirit gets depleted somehow.

With only using 8 spirit/second with tempest rush rune, I should still be netting spirit/second, but it gets used up.

Something is not getting reported properly with either the spirit regen or spirit cost.

Even with sweeping winds INNER STORM RUNE (that regenerates 3 spirit/second) it puts me FAR above the cost of 8 spirit/second --yet it still gets depleted....so I am pretty sure the innerstorm rune is not working, but even without the extra 3spirit/second regen I am at 10.27 spirit regen per second. So that means the tempest rush NORTHERN BREEZE rune is not working also, and is costing the full 12.???

So sweeping winds>inner storm & tempest rush>northern breeze could be broken, or it could be the mantra of healing circular breath (supposedly gives 3 spirit/second). :( idk
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attacks per second. it affects your attacks cost.

think about it. if you have 1 APS and the skill costs 8 spirit then you spend 8 spirit per second.

1APS*8Spirit = 8 Spirit/Sec

now double your APS

2 APS * 8 Spirit = 16 Spirit/Sec
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Had no idea that is what channeling was, thought it was a flat 10 spirit/second.

Thanks for the clarification, this thread can be deleted, but it wont let me :(
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