Diablo® III

Treasure Goblin types?

has anyone else noticed?

Before the patch i thought my eyes were tricking me, there were different colored goblins, but i didn't think twice about it because i was so busy beating the cr@p out of it.
It wasn't until 1.08 when they started announcing "player has engaged Scoundrel , treasure pigmy, treaser seeker" that there are indeed different types by name and color. Some seem to run faster too.

So thinking back I'm assuming the different types has a higher chance of dropping certain things
I have remember some goblins dropping in one go 4-5 gems
or another dropping piles of gold than items
another dropping alot of tome of secrets / blue items

and the usual one is just a random mix so do the different types have a high chance of dropping certain rare loot (excluding legendaries of course).

I noticed the ones summoned by puzzle ring are always scoundrel at lv 61?
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There are 4 different types, each drops focused loot.
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Treasure goblins come in ilvl flavours.
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Has any one, got any advice Re: killing Goblin on the higher NV levels . It seems to have become impossible to stop him going through portal.
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the usual trick my groupie use is the monk uses tempest rush on it which greatly slows the goblin down to a crawl, the wiz then frost nova until it freezes to maximize opportunity for the rest of the DH/monks/BArbs to wear its hp down. works like a charm when pulled off correctly.

Our only problem is in the new mob density with so much going on screen sometimes its easy to loose the goblin cause you can't clearly see whats happening in a large mob.
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