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Free Player-Donated Legendaries (2)

@BloodFlood: Sure. Tho I would recommend requesting a Tal Chest, Nat boots & Ring, and a BT pants over the Inna's. Oh, and pick out one of the Storm Crows, too! You'd get the same amount of IAS, gain LoH, AR, Armor, stats, and pick up a little extra CC from the Nat set bonus (tho it would even out if you got a SC too, since I don't think I have any with CC). Also, get the Razorspikes of Intelligence plan (I might have a spare and if not, they should be dirt cheap on AH) and craft until you get one with CC and AR + vit or armor.

Anyway, I'll reserve the items you requested for now and if you change your mind or want to request something else, you can either edit your post or give the thread a bump. :)
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@ATGOWTWT: Wait a sec... are you telling me its ok if I choose more than two items? I thought it wouldn't be cool if I asked for too many items :D
So I got a cheap storm crow and a tal chest from AH after posting my previous post with my remaining money.
If you let me choose more, then I guess I'll request:
*Natalya's: 575armor, 93dex, 95int, 71AR, 12MS, -6meleeDmg [Luna]
Natalya's: 108str, 85dex, 31int, 48AR, 9IAS, 168regen
(instead of the other pants) *Blackthorne's: 709armor, 92str, 93dex, 90int, 99vit, 401LoH, 11%life, 19MF, 2OS [Luna]

I edited my original post too, for consistency.
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The main purpose of the thread is to help players who 1. can't/won't pay to play. and 2. don't have the gear required to farm higher MPs, since these players will have the hardest time building a solid gear set.

I get a lot of donations (too many for my account to hold, even with 7 mules) so for the most part I let people request any number if items, since I'm pretty confident I will have more gear for the next player. There are a few caveats. Items marked with a '*' are the ones I think of as the best in my inventory so I have a loose rule of 2 per player for those items to keep one or two players from skimming all the nice stuff off the list and leaving nothing for other players. I also vet players who request * items and if they seem like they are pretty farmed, I might not let them have those items since I'd rather see them go to a player who really needs them. Likewise if a player is in bad need of good items, I might relax the 2-per rule and let them take 3-4 instead. You could really use the gear so I'm willing to let you have all 4 * items you picked out. I'll edit the list to reflect your modified choices.

Edit: I'm not 100% certain I still have the Nat ring you picked out. I got a little backlogged on bookkeeping a while ago and never finished doing a complete inventory of the rings and ammys. I'll check the next time I log in.
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I have some things I can add to the list, are you accepting?
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hey could I get these items? trying to gear my upcoming WD

*Zuni's armor: 674armor, 95str, 168int, 58vit, 72AR, 3OS
*Ice Climbers: 351armor, 178int, 75vit, 31fireRes, 72AR, 11%life, -8coldDmg, 3.1immobilize, 1OS
*Mempo: 651armor, 191int, 71AR, 8IAS, 11%life, 1OS
(if three stared items is too much then) Zuni's helm: 386armor, 185int, 61vit, 34fireRes, 11%life, 145maxMana, 1OS
Zuni's ring: 27str, 124int, 31psnRes, 69AR, 824LaK, 33CHD
and Litany: 156int, 66AR, 226regen, 759thorns, 4.5CC, -7eliteDmg
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@Magnet: Yah, tho space is limited so I've gotten a little picky about what I take. If you like you can list your gear and I can add it to the list and mark you as the holder.

@iMoofan: Sure. I think I'd like to save the Mempo for someone with greater need, tho, so I'm gonna give you the Zuni mask instead.

@Everyone: I'll be logging in for a little while after marking iMoofan's items. I'll also try to log in some time between 6:30-6:45pm EST tonight. I won't have a huge window of time - probably only 15-20 minutes, but hopefully I'll be able to unload a few items to people who are still waiting for them.
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Really nice of you to do this!

I'd like to get a couple pieces but i'm not sure which two would be most beneficial to me at the moment. I think i'm going to try slide into a CM build. Nat boots and ring?(would love to have some move speed right now haha) or maybe a Chant set?
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@Expendable: What kind of budget do you have for gear? I'd be happy to help you pick out some pieces from the thread if you like, but if you have a few mil to invest, you'll probably come out with a better set.

Dogfish Head Imperial IPA FTW! ;-)
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My budget is under a mil right now. I just came back to the game less then a month ago and decided to try something new so I leveled up a wizard. I've been playing around with a few builds including some CM variations and I can't seem to get the hang of it. I suspect there's a bit of a learning curve, and with my low APS and CC I'm sure its just not working as intended either.

Dogfish Head Imperial IPA FTW! ;-)

Yes! I'm a big fan of the 60 minute IPA also!
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Hi! I am interested in the 191int asterix mempo. Please let me know if it is still available.

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hey would it be possible for me to pick up some legs for a friend of mine? This is him http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/ARC-1973/hero/1003299

if so could I get
IK Binding: 347armor, 172str, 72AR, 5%life, 15maxFury, 2.9LS, 3RevengeCC
IK Reign: 660armor, 192str, 41vit, 79AR, 7PUR, 3OS
Vile Ward: 633 Armor 184 Str 77 Dex 77 Vit 53 Poison res 80 AR 256 Regen
Inna's: 405armor, 36str, 142dex, 8IAS, 12MS, 1CC, 2OS
Blackthorne's: 607armor, 79str, 57litRes, 336regen, 12MS, -7eliteDmg
Gladiator Gauntlets: 465armor, 160LoH, 7%life, 43CHD, 7CC, 12crowdCtrl
*Mempo: 423armor, 182str, 46litRes, 72AR, 8IAS, 12%life, 1OS
Lacuni: 228armor, 81str, 92vit, 49litRes, 8IAS, 12MS, 1416thorns
Skorn: 1281.9dps, 1aps, 297str, 144CHD, 5.8LS, 97.3%bleed(6621-12667), 1OS
Litany: 158str, 65AR, 215regen, 16MF, 4.5CC, -7eliteDmg
Wailing Host: 10maxDmg, 155str, 28arcnRes, 212regen 4.5CC, 4eliteDmg
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Hey ATG -

Thanks for your support in the D3 community! It reminds me of the good ol' days of d2 and free drop lobbies :)

I'm a start up wizard and would like some of those chantodo's items if you still have them. I was looking at the first post which was from may so i'm not sure if that one's updated or not and if you have a tal's armor or maybe something of the sort that'd be cool.

Trying for that shock nado build that you posted so any gear towards that would be most helpful!
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@Expendable: Alright, I'll see what I can do. If you don't mind gear swapping between toons, you could use that Tals chest and WH on your monk to good effect. You'll definitely want a Nat ring and boots and a Chantodo wand and source. You might want to try to get an IAS wand on the AH tho, if you can find a decent one for cheap. I HIGHLY recommend you read a guide before buying anything tho because you could end up wasting a lot of money if you buy gear without understanding ALL of the dependencies of the build first.

I like all of their brews, even the raisin one (and I don't like raisins).

@Eciton: Ok, you can have it.

@iMoofan: Alright, tho I prefer it when people request the items themselves. But, since you're on right now, I'll give you the gear to hand off to him.

@dUbTroLL: Let me know when you get to 60 and I'll see what I can do. :)
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Hey would I be able to get some armor for my wizard as I am really struggling to get through act 2 and am also greatly struggling with any monster power levels. If you could please help it would be much appreciated though if possible can we set up a time to swap the gear Monday 9 September after say 8pm Australia time? If so it would be much appreciated.

Could I please get this gear? Thanks

*Ice Climbers: 340 Armor, 104 Strength, 32 Dex, 179 Int, 77 vitality, 76 AR, 11% life, -7 cold damage, 1OS
Vile Ward: 633 Armor, 273 Int, 27 Vit, 79 AR, 14GF, 342 Regen
Lacuni: 235 Armor, 75 Int, 63 AR, 8IAS, 12 MS, 1384 thorns, 7259 globes
Talrashas (belt): 495 Armor, 24 Str, 129 Int, 11 MF, 1CC, 4 Elite Damage
Blackthornes Jousting Mail: 398 Armor, 99 Str, 97 Dex, 190 Int, 90 Vit, 58 AR, 399 LOH, 12% life
Zuni's (ring): 86 Int, 33 psn resist, 69 AR, 1152 LAK, 34 CHD, 15 GF
Wailing Host (ring): 158 Dex, 70 Int, 34 AR, 204 Regen, 4.5CC, 4 Elite Damage
Mempo: 446 Armor, 57 Dex, 178 Int, 67 Vit, 80 AR, 9% IAS, 10% Life, OS (socket?)
Source (chantando's) Upgrade to mine please!
239.5avgDmg, 31str, 35dex, 179int, 9IAS, 15maxAP, 9.5CC, 2ArcnOrbCC
*Zuni's: 447 Armor, 144 Int, 154 Vit, 71 AR, 110 Regen, 3OS

If I could please get those it would be much appreciated and the chantando's upgrade would be much appreciated if possible too. Thanks

Thanks very much and will aim to add you when I can or feel free to add me :)

Am On the North America Servers too :) Thanks again for doing this

Edit: Just tried adding you but not sure if it worked or not as I had problems with that a few days ago :) Just to let you know but if that didn't work feel free to add me and hopefully we can work out a time that works to do the gear. Thanks so much for doing this for us it is much appreciated :)
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Turns out I do not need the mempo, please reserve it for someone kn greater need.

Instead I would like some gear for my naked monk, but i do not know enough about monks to know what to request. Do you think you can help?

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@Sorceress: Australia has a couple of timezones ranging from 12hrs ahead of mine to 16hrs ahead so you'll need to be a bit more specific. I'll reserve the items for you. EDIT: Two of the items you requested are being held by their donors so you will need to contact them to get those items. The BT pants are being held by IsaaChen and the Mempo is being held by Jester.

@Eciton: No sweat. I'm still learning the monk as well so I'm not the best person to ask. I can advise you on how to build a Tempest Rush monk, tho I don't have much gear that would work with the build in this thread. For Cookie Cutter, Trigen, Sword'n Board, Nirvana, or other monk builds, you are probably better asking in the monk forums for advice and then coming back to see what I have.
Edited by ATGOWTWT#1159 on 9/5/2013 9:31 AM PDT
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I am on eastern standard time in australia :) and thanks for the reserved items and I will aim to contact IsaaChen and Jester by getting there battletags from this thread thanks so much :)

Have added them and hopefully will be able to catch them online sometime to get the gear off them :) Thanks so much for this its greatly appreciated and If I was able to catch you Monday after 8pm or so would be great

Thanks a heap and if Jester and IsaaChen check out here hopefully I can catch up with you both sooner over later too since I am not in a great spot to be on d3 but will be monday.


Edit: No longer need the bracers IsaaChen gave me some and a Helm but I would still appreciate the mempo, chantando's force, vile ward bracers, Ice climbers etc too please as they would greatly help my character I am sure and look forward to getting the items but just wanted to let you know that I don't need the bracers but if I could check out the items that suit my character when we go to do this it would be much appreciated please.

Thanks so much for doing this for us all

Thanks very much

P.S. After the experience I just had with IsaaChen and her offer to help me out more if she finds anything I have decided too that if I can help with donating things down the track I will :) As it really is great what you are doing here and really embodies the spirt of being generous and giving to others who need it
Edited by Sorceress#1395 on 9/5/2013 6:10 PM PDT
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Hello, I'm currently back from almost a year and I am interested on these items:
[Sotrin]Nat's Reflection +12-34 dmg 59 Str 84 Dex 74 Int 8% IAS 196 Reg/sec [Jester]
[Sotrin]Nat's Bloody Footprints 576 Armor 95 Dex 86 Int 72AR 12% MS 6% Dmg red
I will look forward to see if I get items to donate (:
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@Sorceress: NP. I'm too braindead to look up the time difference tonight (operating on 4hrs of sleep) but I'll post a time to meet up tomorrow. I'll unmark the bracers tomorrow, too.

@AlexJuarez88: It took me a long time to find what you were referring to. That was actually a request from the old thread. Sotrin, the person who requested the items, got them a long time ago. The gear I currently have is listed in the OP of this thread. If it has a name in front of it, then someone else requested it first and has first dibs on it. Everything else should be available, tho I occasionally make mistakes with the book keeping and forget to cross off an item that someone took already.
Edited by ATGOWTWT#1159 on 9/5/2013 8:10 PM PDT
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@Sorceress: would be happy to pass you the Mempo and any other useful gear, I'm in Asia (Perth time) and should be on at about 5 or 6pm today. My bookkeeping isn't half as good as ATG's so you may have to bear with me while I search thru my stash :)

That's 5 or 6pm Perth time btw.
Edited by Jester#6850 on 9/5/2013 8:36 PM PDT
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