Diablo® III

Free Player-Donated Legendaries (2)

*Full Archon set built and donated by yems
*Full CM/WW set
can i have this :D
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@R3AP3R34: sure.

@Vitamins: Not gonna give you both sets. Not quite sure I'd even give you one, given that your monk is on the cusp of what I'd consider self sufficient. We'll chat in-game next time I catch you on.
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95 Blood Elf Priest
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Hi , i am coming back to the game after its release when once you hit level 60 it was very tough to get past inferno. Alot has changed since then with gear being easier to obtain , paragon levels lol... Monster power and such.

A nice player called BossDog helped me with questions in general chat and has been invaluable. He suggested i asked here for some gear as people are friendly and have been pretty generous.

Im a lvl 60 wizard on act 1 inferno and any gear would be appreciated and most likely an upgrade. Ive been told to try and for for a critical mass build as my old build of hydra venom / blizzard is probably very outdated lol. So any gear for Critical Mass builds would be appreciated.

And thanks to BossDog for being a legend.
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this is my diablo account to check gear etc
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Talythia asked and I made the suggestion to check her, ask for build/gear advice, make some friends and request some stuff that would upgrade him from 20k dps yellows/blues.

His/Her battle tag is Atonomy#1630.

Good luck...
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i hope she's a girl tho XD
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05/25/2013 10:45 PMPosted by yems
i hope she's a girl tho XD

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Bracers were given away to L1k3aBOSS - he kindly donated these Ice Climbers in return

Stats are:
338 Armour
128 Strength (free armor for the win!)
195 Intelligence
42 Vitality
48 Lightning resist
78 All Resists
-10 reduction from cold
Open Socket

Leave a message here if you want them!
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@Talythia/Atonomy: You are the sort of candidate that I like to give the full sets to. Feel free to pick the archon or CM set (tho I would highly recommend you look at the guides for both builds in the wizard build compendium thread (stickied to the top of the wiz forums) to learn how they work before picking one out.

CM is better for higher MP play but destroys your hands unless you have a good gaming keyboard or macro-programmable mouse or are willing to risk breaching the ToS by using a hotkey script.

Archon is the more beginner friendly build and doesn't hurt your hands to play at all, but requires very expensive gear to play at higher MP.

@yems: lol

@Karai: LOL

@GeneralHan: TY, I'll update the OP with them later.

@Everyone in general: Got a long drive home (7hrs) today - I very likely won't be logging in till tomorrow.
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I would like a full Archon set just got back into D3 since it came out. Need some decent gear to start off with.
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Thanks for the generosity. On my way home from work at the moment so I'll have a look at the builds a bit more thoroughly and I'll get back to you in the next few hours as to what build I'll go with out of archon and cm/ww.
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Im torn between both those specs lol. They both have pros and cons and both sound rewarding in ways. CM/WW seems to be more group friendly and have the potential to farm higher mp's faster then the archon build would. But archon is less intense on the spammage of keys and with persistance and better gear i read that it can push out huge damage ( with a tonne of gold spent of course ).

Ill leave it up 2 you ATGOWTWT as you would probably know whats best. I do have a gaming mouse and keyboard ( razor naga mmo mouse ) so it would help with the cm/ww build either way.

Any of those two sets would be fantastic anyways.
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I was CM wizard. Played 20 hours. Switched to archon. Never looked back. Something satisfying about pwning non elites with a uber large laser. :)
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how does archon go against elites?
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Hi ATGOWTWT, any chance I could qualify for one of the storm crows? Which ever one will help my cause will be great.

I'm also happy to throw in a couple of items if you deem them good enough to be donated.

I'll be in game on Wednesday night (Australia time) on the American server.


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Elites with certain affixes (namely jailer, vortex and especially frozen) can be challenging to deal with. If you got sufficient DPS with lifesteal (and you're not trying to push your champ on MP's that are too high for your gear), then personally i love the challenge of having to kite around a little

Other affixes don't cause to many issues... as long as the lifesteal is doing its job.

Sometimes, when i face an elite with high damage modifiers like fire chains and poisoned, i kite around and try to get some white mobs mixed in - make sure the archon beam slices through as many as possible and voila... health gain > fire chains and poisoned

Reflect damage is an issue for some players but keep in mind that the aura shuts of at certain times. So don't archon beam through half a dozen elites with the aura! Just hold back and wait for it to fall and then voila. Much easier!
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Ive decided if its still available to go with the archon set , less demanding and more noob friendly i think
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Yes! Baited to the dark side! (pew pew lasers ftw)


Hope the set is still available!
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Haha , another selling point for me is that when you go archon form you look like a boss.
Btw im an Aussie and im online around 3.30pm AEST
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05/14/2013 06:27 PMPosted by ATGOWTWT
*Full CM/WW set

I just came back from a long break (traveled to NZ/AUs for 2months). I am looking to get back into it and wiz is my go to. I'd like the CM/WW set to play with my friends, thanks!

Also, "Vile Ward: 642armor, 265str, 63vit, 29fireRes, 75AR, 251regen" this vile ward for my barb please!
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