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bump...ATG, lemme know if you have any space for stuff, I'm quite full and having to brim stuff that's not moving.
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Hi, could I receive the CM set? I've started playing the game again after a long break and tried to build a cm wizard, 85k dps sounds like it would be a huge increase compared to my current gear.
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Hello Everyone,
I have a Monk in Inferno that is struggling to do anything with just around 26k dps. Any helpful items would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
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im glad the newcomers like the set, the next batch of arc and cm set is almost done, ive been farming legs these past few days and found some that's quite useful for the set. I just don't want to over-commit in building an overpowered set for starters so id like to keep at least the 5-7m mark budget that's why i prefer stuffs worth like 500k or less in the AH so they would have the urge to farm and upgrade for themselves. One examples are amulets,bracers,shoulders and the gloves which they would change eventually tru crafts or finds or AH trades so i try to keep it at minimal costs or the least cozy -- with this it will make playing more interesting for new players
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@ATG I've sent you a friend request, have a question for you if you don't mind
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@Jester: I'm pretty full, too. Got a heap of legends that I've been too lazy to list sitting in my stash and less room than I need on my mules. RL is a little bit busy right now, too so I'm not logging in as much, but I'll try to log in once or twice today and hopefully catch you in game.

@IrieY56: Yah, I'd be happy to give you the set.

@broncean: Take a look at the list in the OP and see if there is anything that might be helpful. As I said above, I've got a pile of stuff that I still need to add, too so feel free to check back now and then to see if anything else takes your interest.

@yems: Cool! I'm impressed you can make sets for so cheap. I just built an archon set for Jatt and was surprised at how much the lower end (but still decent) archon gear had come up in price. Getting 160k dps with good hp, LS, and modest mit seemed much more pricy than it was a little while ago. Hit me up in game next time you see me on - I have a few leftover items from Jatt's set building (I'd bid on a few items at a time and pick the best from the winners). Got a 1h axe and a decent ammy for sure - possibly a few other items.
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Thank you for your response ATGOWTWT , I really appreciate some experienced players helping out the not so experienced ones :).

From what little information I´ve gathered on the forums and web, any of the following items could probably help me gain a little edge on Inferno.

I will add you in game like it says in your first post.

Thank you in advance.

05/14/2013 06:27 PMPosted by ATGOWTWT
Inna's: 400armor, 68str, 177dex, 50vit, 44coldRes, 6CC, 1OS

05/14/2013 06:27 PMPosted by ATGOWTWT
Vile Ward: 658armor, 185dex, 45coldRes, 74AR, 14GF, 328regen

05/14/2013 06:27 PMPosted by ATGOWTWT
*Natalya's: 582armor, 175dex, 76int, 80AR, 12MS, -5meleeDmg [Liquid]
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@ATG No problem, hope all goes well in RL, will catch you in game.
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Not sure if I qualify, though a few mil gold is several days of grinding for me, so I'm kinda in between..

But if I do qualify, I would be much appreciative if I could get any of the following (ranked in order of desire).

Lacuni: 253armor, 69int, 23vit, 37fireRes, 8IAS, 14MF, 12MS, 1074thorns [Liquid]

Chest Armor:
Zuni's: 432armor, 92dex, 160int, 76vit, 75AR, 517regen, 3OS [Liquid]

*Zuni's: 31minDmg, 88int, 30litRes, 69AR, 33CHD, 1OS [GeneralHan]

Zuni's: 339armor, 8psnDmg, 84dex, 147int, 75vit, 36arcnRes, 12MS [Liquid]

Thank you so much for everything. I'm extremely grateful!
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Hi, I would like to request these items if they are still up for grabs.

*Chantodo's: 1103.7dps, 1.65aps, 174int, 104vit, 9APoC
*Dead Man's Legacy: 242dex, 304vit, 18IAS, 1.2hatredRegen, 9CC, -2ClusterArrow
Zuni's: 418armor, 192int, 95vit, 52psnRes, 71AR, 218regen, 3OS
Vile Ward: 615armor, 180dex, 76vit, 36litRes, 76AR, 282regen
*Natalya's: 582armor, 175dex, 76int, 80AR, 12MS, -5meleeDmg
Andariel's Visage: 375armor, 169int, 50psnRes, 9IAS, 6%life, 199regen, 4.5CC, 16%fireWeakness, 30%psnNova
*Lacuni: 243armor, 79vit, 36litRes, 9IAS, 12MS, 1132thorns, 4CC
Manticore: 966.2dps, 1.21aps, 182int, 10IAS, 1244LaK, 88CHD, 2OS

These are for dh and wiz. You might see that my wiz is wearing better equip but they are all borrowed from my friend. I would understand if i don't get these items. Thanks!
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Ugh - getting so backed up with this thread.

@Zakrin: I'm not positive that all of those items are still available. Also, I don't like to give away too many * items to the same player (tho I'm so choked for room that I might start making exceptions). Add me and I'll try to see what I've got.

@Jester: If you see this in the next 12 hrs or so, my wiz is currently wearing the set you funded (gem cost included).
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@ATG: That's awesome, and quick! Thanks v much for helping put it together.
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Alright. The dh items are for my brother. He just started playing. So i came to look for items for him. I can ask him to get items himself if you require it.
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@Zakrin: Oh, sharing an account? I guess I don't mind giving you the extra items then - especially because I AM packed, atm.

@Jester: TY.
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can I please get
Chest:*Zuni's: 447armor, 144int, 154vit, 71AR, 110regen, 3OS [Liquid
Mojo:Zuni's: 31minDmg, 88int, 30litRes, 69AR, 33CHD, 1OS [GeneralHan]
Manajuma's: 952.5avgDmg, 1.4aps, 186dex, 183int, 88CHD, 3LS [GeneralHan]
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@Akkilliez: Sure. Make sure to add me and I'll give you the items next time I see you on.
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We're not sharing an account. Thanks still! I'll ask him to get the items if you require it.
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Heave ho and up she rises.
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These items are kinda like this thread... collecting cobwebs. :(
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05/14/2013 06:27 PMPosted by ATGOWTWT
Chantodo's: 1103.7dps, 1.65aps, 174int, 104vit, 9APoC

Chantodo's: 246avgDmg, 172int, 9IAS, 135regen, 14maxAP, 9.5CC, 8SpectralBladesDmg

Hey if these are available I would like them please :)

Also any advice would be great, haven't played for a very long long time
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