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Free Player-Donated Legendaries (2)

Wish I saw this thread sooner. Just came back to the game yesterday, and have already started spending gold on the AH.

Would be awesome if I can have this one:

05/14/2013 06:27 PMPosted by ATGOWTWT
Zuni's: 420armor, 182int, 147vit, 37physRes, 80AR, 3OS [Liquid]
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@lapchi: Zakrin requested the wand first but the source is unclaimed so far.

@Arctia: I'll have to double check that its still there - pretty sure it is tho. If it is, its yours.
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I didnt know if this was still viable so was holdign off posting until you replied...can you check on these items if still available?

*Tal Rasha's: 820armor, 179int, 84vit, 9IAS, 356thorns, 3OS [Edwarrior]

*Lacuni: 243armor, 79vit, 36litRes, 9IAS, 12MS, 1132thorns, 4CC

[ytzelf]:*Chantodo's: 246avgDmg, 172int, 9IAS, 135regen, 14maxAP, 9.5CC, 8SpectralBladesDmg [pichapie]
Chantodo's: 249.5avgDmg, 113str, 192int, 9IAS, 13maxAP, 9CC, 3BlizzardD [GeneralHan]

[Kakashi433]:*Litany: 167int, 64AR, 6%life, 181regen, 4.5CC, -7eliteDmg [pichapie]
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Thanks ATGO for starting this thread and managing. Wish I found it sooner as I sold off some stuff cheap just to clear my stash. Here's some stuff I have at the moment, ATGO I'm of course pleased if you could hold any but if you're too full that's fine as my stuff really is beginners:

> Stormcrow with high Armor: +321 Armor to 713, +8% Lighting, 10APOC, 389LOH
> Chant Will: 962DPS, 197Int, 1.64APS, Socket (to make up for the DPS)
> Rare bracers: 100Int, 5.0% CC, AR58, PoisonR46, HealthGlobes +10k, Armor217
> Tal Rasha's Guise: 6.0%CC, 200Int, 10%Life, Thorns350, Socket
> Tal Rashas Allegiance: 274Int, 97Vit, +34Max Dam, 63CD, +5% Poison damage, Socket
> Tal Rasha's Brace: 100Int, +235Armor to 530, 1%CC, +4% Elite damage, PUR +7 yards
> Triumvirate: 69-320 Damage, +5% to each of Fire, Light, Arcane damage, 164Int, 15AP, 8.5%CC, 1.6% Fear on hit

> Blackthornes Belt: 230Dex, 93Int, 77Vit, +258Armor to 532, Gold 23%, Life regen 335
> Rare belt: 151Dex, 128Vit, 128Str , 59AR, Gold 16%
> Wailing Host ring: 165Dex, 49Phy Res, Life Regen 227, 4.5%CC, Gold%
> Natalyas Embrace: 121Dex, 139Vit, 10%life, Str49, 3 Sockets
Edit: also for cold monk a rare chest: 82Dex, 139Vit, 57AR, 48ColdR, 3 sockets, 970Thorn

> Visage of Guyana: 162Int, 59Strength, ManaReg 14s, +5% damage Acid Cloud , socket

Edit: If OP can't hold all this stash, then anyone want add me in-game and say which piece to ensure I don't dump it. I come to forums pretty irregularly
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@Crush...depending on my inquiry above and the results of that I'd be interested in Tal Rashas Allegiance and/or Triumvirate
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@p0o: OK sounds good
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I would love to get one of the archon set, if there's one still available. Also, I have a half decent triumvirate lying around, if you want it. I'll post the stats when I can get back online.

Edit: It's 166 ave damage, 6% fire, lighting, arcane, 165 int, 50 vit, 74 str 14 max arcane, and 8.5% cc
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@P0o: Zakrin requested the bracer and lapchi requested the Spectral Blades Force. I think the other stuff is still available. I KNOW the chest is. I'll need to check to make sure that I haven't given away the ring and other Force.

@crushkyle: I'll take the SC, Chant wand, TR belt, and Wailing Host. I'd ahve taken the trium and TR ammy, too if p0o didn't want them.

@Sulta: I think I still have it and if I do, its yours. The trium sounds good, too.
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Sounds good...I believe I sent a friend request last night. After you check just let me know and I'll watch for you in game and vice versa ;)

The chest and/or ring would be nice....crushkyle hooked me up with a good source and ammy.

Thanks to you both!
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@atgo, thanks so much man. Glad I can be of service, as well.
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@ATGO: great, will hook up in game to handover. It's really useful you selected certain stuff as that means the rest are vendor trash, so at least I can clean up my stash lol! I also found a Barb Unity, pls remind me of that if you think you can find a home. Thanks
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Would love to have a CM set... my dps only sitting at abt 60-70k so it aint much, thanks for anyone who can help!
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@soulwing, saw ur contact but had no idea who it was so ignored, next time put msg about what it's about :) I'll add you later, can hand over any of the stuff OP identified if you could use it. Looks like you could use the gloves I had but I sold them when no one else responded unfortunately, though I have some other Int glove, just not as good
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sweet thanks alot ! although im in singapore and the timing is so off from other parts of the world, i guess ill add you again ?
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@Soulwing, I'm in SG too lol! I've been getting on though at odd times during the day as I just finished a project and nothing was happening at the office, so used my phone to log onto AH and all. I'll be on tonight so can hand over then if you are on. If you got room in your stash I can give u entry level stuff for other toons too
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Thanks so much, if possible post the time here too !! thanks again
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Having been eaten up by a very demanding and unfair client, I plan to kills tons of monsters this weekend to release frustration. So tonight be on quite a bit, likely starting around 8pm. Sat morning I usually play with some pals in the US so will be on usually late morning
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Alright, will be on at 8 :)
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All Wiz stuff listed above given away. Some other Wiz stuff:
> Strongarm bracers: 433Armor, 163Int, 9%Life, 4.5%CC, knockback, thorns
> Rare ring: 77Int, 57AR, 3.5%CC
> Rare ring: 75Int, 66Vit, 37FireR, 5%Life, 7%IAS, 31CD
> Rare gloves: 120Int, 63AR, 25CD, 6.5CC

Still have some non-Wiz stuff if anyone interested:

> Wailing Host ring: 165Dex, 49Phy Res, Life Regen 227, 4.5%CC, Gold%
> Unity ring: Str, +28-54 Damage, 319Life Regen, LOH, 4.5%CC, MF%

If want just add in-game and say which items you want, else I may ignore the add. If OP on this weekend happy to have him store though
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ive got a few items to give away.

Stormcrow with 3.5 crit and 428 LoH
Int andariels with 4.5 crit 9% atk spd, and 150 int
echoing fury with 812 dmg, 165 int, 55 vit
immortal kings irons 240 int, 9.5 crit and 6% reduced dmg from melee
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