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Free Player-Donated Legendaries (2)

Hey I have these 3 items i would like you to check if they are still available seeing as they had a ? after them:
-Inna's: 405armor, 36str, 142dex, 8IAS, 12MS, 1CC, 2OS [?]
- Vile Ward: 653armor, 179dex, 31arcnRes, 72AR, 7%life, 328regen
- Blackthorne's: 432armor, 100str, 97dex, 96int, 97vit, 37physRes, 427LoH, 12%life, 20MF, 1OS

I also have 2 legendaries i would like to donate: a Shenlong's Fist of Legend and a Sky Splitter i'll post the stats later after i log on.

Edit: the stats for the items:
Sky Splitter: 886.8 dps, 184 dex, 11%IAS, 57% CHD, 447 LPS, 13% smite
Shenlongs: 794.9 dps, +203-424 lightDmg, 194 dex, 129 int, CHD 72%, 61.1 LPS.

thanks in advance
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In addition to last post of mine (none given away yet) also have:

Vile Ward: 611Arm, 189Int, 73Vit, 71AR, 35ColdR
Rare Pants: 342Arm, 88Int, 160Vit, 20AR, 53PhysR, 15%MS, 2 Sockets (These pants are pretty decent starters for non-CM Wiz builds, the PhysR makes up for low AR)

Also picked up today monk's Inna Radiance: 6CC, 684Armor (+310armor), Dex129 Vit60
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This offhand

Tal Rasha's: 204avgDmg, 175int, 165dex, 9CC, 9 APOC, 1OS [ChangBooster]

has been brimmed.
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Just started a CM wiz after struggling with the DH for the longest time..
(CM Wiz is so much easier to play compared to a DH!)

If its not too much to ask, if someone can hook me up with
Tal Rasha Allegiance
Zunimassa Pox
Blackthorne Jousting Mail

That would be great... and thanks!
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Chantodo's: 249.5avgDmg, 113str, 192int, 9IAS, 13maxAP, 9CC, 3BlizzardD [GeneralHan]
Zuni's: 33minDmg, 89int, 27litRes, 68AR, 34CHD, 11crwdCtrl [Liquid]

i would like that please. my battle tag is purringcatsg#6885
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Can I have the following for my Barb that's just reached 60?

Vile Ward 668 Armor 191 Str 77 Int 36 Vit 35 Cold res 80 AR 241 Regen [Jester]
IK Irons: 488armor, 98str, 58int, 57vit, 236regen, 10CC, -6meleeDmg [AgentX]
IK Triumph: 424armor, 182str, 12%life, 1384thorns, 5CC, -5meleeDmg, 1OS
Echoing Fury: 1097.5dps, 1.45aps, 51dex, 244int, 176vit, 17.4fear [yems]
Skorn: 1356.8dps, 1aps, 293str, 238int, 140CHD, 96.5bleed(5962-10824), 1OS [Wolfz2384]
Lacuni: 250armor, 69str, 123dex, 9IAS, 16MF, 12MS, 1129thorns
BlackThorne's: 417armor, 170str, 100dex, 99int, 97vit, 374LoH, 10%life, 19MF, 1OS [AgentX]
BlackThorne's: 413armor, 84str, 66int, 176vit, 79AR, -5rangeDmg, 3OS

Reason for 2 weapons is that I'm experimenting with both 1H and 2H build... happy to give 1 back after I've decided on a build. Many thanks in advance.
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@Hops Have sent invite, will pass you the ward when i see you in game
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Hi all, been a while. The power connector on my laptop got worn to the point that it no longer would carry a current from the power cable. I ordered a new connector, waited a few days for it to arrive, spent a few days unsuccessfully trying to desolder the old one from the mobo, gave up and made the mistake of letting another family member take a crack at it unsupervised. They succeeded in getting the old part off, but alas, resorted to chiseling it out instead of removing the solder. The board is totaled and my gaming machine is OOC until I can get a new one. The manufacturer doesn't sell their laptop boards and requires an RMA which will cost "approximately $65 for labor an $15 for return shipping" plus any material cost that they determine after running diagnostics on the machine. Since I know the board needs replacing I'm trying to get them to tell me how much it will cost but I have small hopes for that. The other alternatives are to buy a refurbished board from China for $200-300 or from Cali for $400-500. I'm giving the ASUS rep a chance to reply to my mobo price inquiry before ordering from China :P

TL;DR my gaming rig is dead for the foreseeable future and I won't be playing any D3 anytime soon. I've got an ancient desktop that I'm running MtGO on so if there are any fellow card nerds that wanna sling some virtual paper with me, my MTGO handle is TheFlakyMage and I'm usually on in the evenings (EST).
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Aw bummer ATGO.
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Seriously bummer. Replacing the motherboard in a laptop is pain in the a$$, and very expensive compared to desktop counterparts.

If you lived in the US and played on a desktop, I would have donated some spare parts to you. Parts that I collected over the years and too lazy to resell, rather save them for friend or family who need something urgently.
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*Chantodo's: 249.5avgDmg, 113str, 192int, 9IAS, 13maxAP, 9CC, 3BlizzardD [GeneralHan]
*Tal Rasha's: 820armor, 179int, 84vit, 9IAS, 356thorns, 3OS [Edwarrior]

Are these still items still available?
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Sorry to hear about your laptop ATG. Good to hear that you haven't given up on the game tho, looking forward to seeing you in game soon!
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*Blows a mountain of dust off this thread*

I finally have my good laptop back. I RMA'd it to get a new mobo and they wiped my drive and reinstalled Windows, so I still have to install my games and other software. I should be online tomorrow or Monday. :)
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welcome back :)
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TY ^^

Anything new over the last 1.5 months? Update news, nerf threats (other than CM procs being "way too high"), events? Has the GAH inflation gone down any? Yeah... I know better, but I keep hoping anyway.
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they say they wanna take out archon and wotb in addition to cm

gold is allowed to be sold at the rate of 50mil for .25
dropped to around $1 per 50mil but there was a possible ban wave on thursday and it appears to have stabilized at 1.25

other than that nothing has really changed
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Helloooooooo and welcome back! It's great to hear that your laptop is working again and that you have not given up on D3 :)
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TY ^^

I finished doing an inventory on my items yesterday and just need to compare with the list to finish getting it up to date. Was gonna do that today but IRL got in the way. Tomorrow for sure. :)
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Hey ATGOWT, welcome back.
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