Hey Everyone!

Well, what a day! Tonight we plan on talking a little bit (or at least try to keep it short since the topic has plenty of exposure on the forums as it is) about the hot topic of the day/week.. the 1.08 gold dupe. We also plan to discuss ideas on demon hunter changes to help the class out.

So if you have any ideas for the demon hunter class that you'd like us to talk about, or anything else game related, please submit your idea/suggestion to the following form.


Tonight, and moving forward, I have moved the time back a bit to allow for Chazzers to make it and attend the discussion from the start since he is on the west coast. So tonight, we'll have an 8:30pm EST start.


VOD of EP1: http://www.twitch.tv/cdxliv/c/2234353


P.S. - as some of you DH's out there who have been following some of the bigger threads on DH's in general, would have seen this document I made a couple weeks ago with some of the ideas I have thought of. So in case you need some inspiration as to what changes can be done, feel free to check it out, and of course, constructive feedback is always welcome! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QGrJa4lG3MMtIGNrKS86FWObDTTDfbKHRoWYqx8EoRc/edit?usp=sharing - Document is fixed now so you guys should be able to see it... damn google drive.
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