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Fastest weps

Hi monks..

Been thinking about my weapons again.. i hate the fear but i love the APS.. you know the feeling??

so wouldnt 2x 11ias daggers be faster than my EF25aps and wkl..

here is a peak at my monk

just how good would the daggers have to be to compete with my current dps output??

like would DW 2x 1050 60cd os ls 11ias be a close match?

i know the 11ias daggers look awesome and i am one for aesthetics, which is just another reason to ditch the EF n WKL..

but can daggers even roll good enough to compete? sacraficing mainstat for 11ias..

if i could get even close to my current edps i would love to use palms more..

lets see some fast hitting monks.. lets see some clever weapon choices..
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Not 100% confident, but from my napkin math, the highest DPS dagger would be 1366.13 dps (max minmax. 50% 11% ias) With a nice ruby that would bump up to 1740.76 dps. Whether or not you will ever find that magical dagger it the real question. Use a simulator like d3up if you see a dagger on the AH. They're usually pretty accurate for paper dps. Edps is hard to judge without using it.

I prefer using 10% ias swords/fists myself, mostly due to aesthetics as well. (http://i.imgur.com/e6cV6eS.png)
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bump / edit :

i have tried searching Progress for such daggers, the search is failing.. i remember seeing a monk with a gg dagger, so i know there are some out there.. cant remember how good it was tho..

and ty for response davlok. yea if i had a 1366dagger i would use it happily :D
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i have been trying to use d3up..

the weapon simulator is not updating.. ARRRGGGGGGGG
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Last I checked my dagger was #2 dex dagger with CD and 3% life steal for DPS - Tokio owns #1 which is 1.2k dps more than mine if equipped.

GG daggers are super rare.

If you want super speed then u can look at a setup like my own; max speed EF + GG dagger.
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Dang, nice dagger solo. I'm sure some super gold dagger was left on the group unidentified >_<
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yes that is what i am talking about Solo..

i did have a look on the ah when i got home yesterday, i did not see anything like that tho..

thanks for your input :D

yea i want fast fast.. nice dream bolt wobble wobble
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In order to compete with your current DPS output you will need a very good dagger something like my own. Your WKL is very decent btw.

Where the speed really shines is procing cyclones per second and spirit regen for spending a lot on bells and things. A ton of my own dps comes strictly from the multitudes of cyclones I produce with FoT.

I also have a life steal WKL that gives me roughly 250k unbuffed DPS and +20% lightning skill dmg, according to calculators when I have it equipped my max crits are about the same as with my dagger but when using my dagger I feel like I'm doing more DPS, this is obviously due to the fact that I'm just hitting more.

I'm a speed junkie myself so I can appreciate your desire to go faster :D good luck on your journey!
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And don't forget the good old snapshot days of using a white 20% ias dagger!
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This dagger is on the AH now, I swear it's not mine!

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