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How to find good items, revenue stream

I read through the forums every now and then. I constantly see people saying that they regularly find things to sell on the AH for pretty high prices. Most say they regularly find 20m+ items and you see others brag occasionally that they've found many 100m+ items. What I've found is in about 5 runs I might find a few items that would sell between 20k and 50k gold. However, stuff at that price most typically just fail to sell anyways and after listing them a couple times I just NPC them.

So in 16k elite kills, I've never sold anything worth over 20m on the AH. And I think 1 item worth over 10m. Everything I own except for the boots I've sniped for cheap on the AH. The boots were actually my drop and I'm not sure what they'd go for on AH.

I'd like to use my barb to eventually help gear up another job, but it's not worked out so far lol.

So is it just bad luck on my part?

Is item quality tied to magic find or is there something I'm doing wrong in my farming? I switch between mp5 and mp8 to compare runs but I've not seen much difference between the two.

Are all these people lying (shocker I know!) and covering up their RMAH gold buying by bragging about their fictional item drops?
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Somebody is dropping the gear.

I've sold an SoJ for 100m and a few 20-60m items. 16k elite kills is not really that many.
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Flip items. Only way to make any real gold. Find BIS items that are underpriced, and resell. I just play the game to get paragon levels, making gold is all about playing the AH.
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If you're into the stock market in real life, then try your hand at flipping stuff on the AH.

Me, I let my broker handle that stuff in real life 'cause it doesn't interest me at all. Neither does playing the AH market on this game.

I get my stuff the old fashioned way. I kill demons by the thousands. If all you play for is gold/$ five runs with nothing special dropping sucks. If you just play for fun though five thousand runs are a blast no matter what you get. All that cool stuff on the AH drops in someones game. I've gotten quite a few items that go for 200M+. I've also got well over a thousand hours of real efficient farming in.

So in the end it all really comes down to what part of the game you like best. Farm or flip.
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There are ways of possibly getting that gear.

1. Flipping: You first need to learn the true value of the gear being sold on the gold AH. Then you start looking for gear that priced much lower than it's real value. You buy that and flip it for profit.

2. Next stack MF gear on you and your follower to hit the MF cap of 300. Also when you get that gear you might want to play whatever MP level your gear will allow for fast runs.

3. You might also try coop to get the extra MF with your MF set.

4. Keep playing with your highest paragon level character and wait until you are a lot closer to paragon level 100. The higher the MF the better your chances are of finding that expensive gear.
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what is this MF cap of 300 ? mine is over 500 in multiplayer games (MP7 - PL69)

still very little drops. Can't perceive where people are getting the loot from in the first place.

i'm with Jaeger on this. LOTS of stuff drops, just very few legendary/set pieces.

I've moved up to MP7 to get the extra XP and i thought MF, and so the extra quality in drops. Clearly this is not the way it works ?

Is there a sweet spot for MP vs MF that produces quality drops ?

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yup it's all about having over a 100% finding magical items on your characters , then you pickup legendary gear , easy as ....
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you need to bot to get good items in this game
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