Diablo® III

Expansion titles { I'm Bored } : )

"Diablo III: We took a bee. And then we doubled it!"

epic.... just epic! made my day!
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Diablo 3: AH Fail?
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Diablo 3: Lord of Rainbows
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Diablo 3: You will buy anything
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Diablo 3: Lord of construction
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haha funny reading these, so many people still raging over AH catastrophe : )
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How about giving all patches their names like

Patch 1.0.8 aka "The Gold Dupe"
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Diablo 3: Supernatural
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Diablo 3: Lord of Gold
Diablo 3: Lord of Paypal
Diablo 3: Lord of Visa card
Diablo 3 Lord of Master card
Diablo 3: Gold, Gold and Gold
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Diablo 3: How do I hold all these gems and gold?

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How about giving all patches their names like

Patch 1.0.8 aka "The Gold Dupe"


Patch 1.0.1: Grand Opening with an error 37
Patch 1.0.2: Smoke screen nerf
Patch 1.0.3: IAS nerf
Patch 1.0.4: Paragon: More is better
Patch 1.0.5: Hellfire with a choice of monster power
Patch 1.0.6: Battle.net
Patch 1.0.7: Brawling, cuz PvP is too mainstream
Patch 1.0.8: 2 beez?
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Phoenix reborn.
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Diablo 3: Wesorryaboutreleasingthisunfinishedlinearhandholdingbabygamenowhereisallthestuffwecutpleasecomebackandgiveusmoremoney.
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Diablo 3: A New Hope
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Diablo 3: Diablo 2 Revisited
Diablo 3: The Final Encounter
Diablo 3: Slot Machines
Diablo 3: Darkness of the abyss
Diablo 3: Back to Hell
Diablo 3: Sympathies
Diablo 3: Multiplayer
Diablo 3: Remastered
Diablo 3: Xbox Arcade
Diablo 3: Panda Paradise

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Diablo 3: Here is all the stuff we cut from the game, so we could have an expansion pack but was already in Diablo 2 + LOD. .. .
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Patch 1.0.1: Great Game where only the best could conquer gates of inferno with teamwork tactics a carefully balanced toon and some serious grinding each step of the way
Patch 1.0.2: Monster nerfs
Patch 1.0.3: More Monster nerfs
Patch 1.0.4: More Monster nerfs
Patch 1.0.5: Monster Buffs until ppl whined then More Monster nerfs 9 days after release
Patch 1.0.6: Who knows
Patch 1.0.7: More Monster nerfs
Patch 1.0.8: More Monster nerfs
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Diablo III: Full Version
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05/10/2013 05:00 AMPosted by M3zito
Diablo 3: 2 Beez Madness
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Come on! the story line has it preset!!

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