Diablo® III

Expansion titles { I'm Bored } : )

Diablo 3 : Fall of the Series
Diablo 3: Diablos period
Diablo 3: Mommy and Daddy's Visa
Diablo3: Wirt's Revenge.

or just Diablo 3: The God of Wrath?
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Diablo 3: 2 Beez upped to 5 Beez: Ty Men edition
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Diablo 3: Deception's Reign

Because Tyrael is actually Belial, who has now taken over as the Archangel of Wisdom.

The entity you fight and trap within the Black Soulstone at the end of Act 2 is Tyrael, who has been disguised with an illusion spell.


Diablo 3: Lord of Wrath

Because Imperius is actually a renegade demon (the Lord of Wrath) pretending to be an angel. This is hinted at within the short film "Wrath", where Diablo says the following to him:

"Your rage makes you powerful. Do you hide it from your brethren? Perhaps you fear them seeing you for what you truly are."

This is fun :)
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okay i'm loughing out loud so hard to all these replies ahaha

Diablo 3: Brace yourselves, Blizzard's greed is coming
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Diablo 3: Releasing patches with bugs even with a PTR
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diablo 3: its something you put in your mouth
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Diablo 3: 11 Wall St, New York, NY 10005
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Diablo 3: Black Market Edition
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Diablo III : Jay Wilson Strikes Back
Diablo III : Return of Jay Wilson
Diablo III : Heart of the Jay Wilson
Diablo III : Burning Wilsade
Diablo III : Wings of Wilson
Diablo III : Mist of Pandawilson
Diablo III : Fellowship of the Wilson
Diablo III : The Two Wilson
Diablo III : Mocking Wilson
Diablo III : Legacy of The Wilson
Diablo III : The Phantom Wilson
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Diablo III : Wallet Warriors
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Diablo 3: The gross product.

(double meaning intended).
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Diablo3: We promise it's better, we're not lying about any of the features this time around.
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Got another one:
Diablo 3: Cashing out.
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D3: Auction Houses Online.
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