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@steel, you done?
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Man, I look at some of those profiles and it makes me realize how much I need to gain. I would love to be able to think: Damn, if I just farm really hard I will find that !@#$, but that is not the case. I have farmed, and farmed, and kicked bodies, and opened chests, and killed all kinds of %^-*, and nothing. I have crafted a lot of !@#$, and outside of a halfway decent amulet, nothing. I do not want to play AH3 or put up a %^-* ton of money to get what I want. I still feel like that putting enough time into the game should reward you with some good gear. If I didn't have such a love for the damn game, I would have said !@#$ it and moved on, cause the item hunt is not doing it for me like it did in D2.

OK, sorry, had to rant, cause I am just so pissed because of finding a dagger, with socket, lifesteal, CD, and 150 DPS so many times. I went mostly towards mit, and you really don't even need it now, so go figure. To be on subject, I like Darshu's set up a lot.
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hub you have a nice setup man i wouldnt be mad at that.
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i think hubs beef is the same as mine itemization in this game sucks donkey balls compared to d2 and it gets aggravating to find daggers or swords like what he mentioned

which has put me in the spot of wanting to step away from this game/control the amount of time i spend playing much more strictly

so yoda i aint done, but ill be on hopefully less frequently if marvel heros is good enough as I've always loved marvel games and it looks my wiz wont be able to upgrade his force unless i can trade a spare chant will and and a wkl i was bidding on to leverage someone into trading me a dps upgrade 9ias, 10cc, 10 apoc metor reduction force
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I've just set an objective to increase my wizard's dps to 250k with minimal decrease in mitigation while retaining 3.40aps and 67cc. Nat's set is my preferred choice and am also, trying to hit the 25% dodge (or 750 dex) so that means another 83 dex to acquire.

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Just would like to inform that my wizard has emulated Charlatan's gears back in December '12 or Jan '13 so the credit must go to him.
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I vote for Void just because I'm tired of dual wielding lollipops.
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wheres Charlatan on that list?
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Whats wrong with shooting 780k beams?


RD Mob? Switch to LL weapon.
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they are all good , but "dagger" are hard to get ; in 1.08 use Deep freeze balance build maybe the best way to farm ....
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Balanced IMO.

All the alts are good but have certain weaknesses thats why they are not called balanced. I could go through them all but don't want to argue today.
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