Diablo® III

Gem cost still well under gold cost...? Huh?

Radiant Star Ruby: 31Mil gold
31mil gold = 8$ to purchase
1 radiant star ruby = 1.09$ on RMAH.

Why ever buy gold on the RMAH when you can buy gems and flip them still?

Im failing to understand the logic here. Is it because the gems only sell if people buy them with gold?
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where is gold selling 31mil for 8 bucks? i need to sell mine there =)
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29 mil on the RMAH is 7.29$
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Seriously, i dont get it. If you can turn 1$ into 30 mil gold, why would you spend 7.80$???
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Most players don't spend real money, that's just the pay-to-wins. Gold shouldn't be devalued further and all normal players eliminated from he auction house just because we don't want to use our credit cards. Some of us earn gold slowly over time, spending real money should not be a requirement.
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gold prices will return to 10000000 for .25$ as soon as they patch the client.
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Lots of people here can retire if "31mil gold = 8$".
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Because gold is definitely not worth 31 mil for $8
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It would be very challenging to actually sell 31M on AH at current price. No one is buying.

And they'll be changing it to 1/10th current price shortly to address that gap.
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When the gold floor price is 0.25 per 1M gold, that was the true gold price months ago. What RS Emeralds sell for in the RMAH & GAH reflects the true gold price until the floor is reduced again.

True gold price is based on what players are willing to pay for it. For months now it has been cheaper for players to buy RS gems in the RMAH & sell them in the GAH. Since that translates to gold being cheaper & more importantly, legitimately bought through the game.

So remember when the floor price is lowered again. Gold doesn't loose it's value, it's just reflecting a truer value that it has for months.
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I think the issue with buying radiant gems on the RMAH and then converting to gold is that its notoriously difficult to move back to real $

Once you get gold, there is only a few ways to convert back at some stage in the future
1) Sell gold on RMAH (which typically doesn't sell too well)
2) Buy a BIS item for a chunk of gold and then sell the item on RMAH -> this assumes you got a lot of gold and you also accept taxes and liquidity risks of the RMAH

Of course you can trade the BIS item direct with the buyer but then that includes other risks like the scams

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because they said they are gonna put back the 10mil thingy which is gonna make the stacks at 0.25 again
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