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Which WKL?

Hey guys, I'm not good with the whole calculating to know which weapon is better so I was wondering if one of you could help me out.

I have (2) WKL. I just found a new that has a pretty sweet roll but I'm not sure if it's actually better than the one I have equipped and even shows a slightly lower paper DPS, (about 500 lower). I run using thunderclap and sweeping wind tornados. Which WKL do you guys think is better and why? The stats are below:

944.3 DPS
1.40 attack SPD
287-645 lightning damage
Adds 5% to lightning damage
Lightning skills deal 24% more damage
+39% damage
277 dext
112 Into
Open socket

New WKL stats
1018.7 DPS
1.54 attacks per second
291-612 Lightning damage
Adds 6% to lightning damage
Lightning skills deal 25% more damage
+40% damage
159 dext
Increases attack speed by 10%
Open socket

Let me know what you guys think, any input is appreciated! Thanks!
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The first one. The pdps/mpdps/edps is very similar, but the EHP on the first one is a lot better. It provides over 100 dex more worth of dodge, and 11 AR from the int.
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Cool, thanks for the input. Anyone else have any thoughts? Also, I don't plan on keeping both of these do you guys have an idea of what I could get for the second one?
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unfortunately neither is really worth that much, since they both only have 1 good affix (socket)

the ones that sell for 9-10 figures have to have high light skills dmg and dps in addition to some paired combination of crit dmg, life steal, and socket
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Cool, thanks for the input. I think I'll probably stick with the one I have equipped especially since it helps with dodge and armor. I was surprised that even with the extra attack SPD that the WKL I found was still weaker. Is attack SPD not that important anymore? I just started playing again the other day after taking a few months off and I think there was 2-3 patches in between that time.
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