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Black Ice: My Build of Choice for 1.0.8

Hello all,

I've been running a Black Ice build for quite some time now (1.0.5/6ish) and I've got to say...It really shines in 1.0.8.

-Huge AOE
-Capable of Higher MPs
-Great for farming Paragon and Legendaries
-Excellent for CO-OP play.

-You're relatively squishy
-Takes some time to get used to the play style
-Ray of Frost does not go through walls

My Wiz (pretty low end gear)


So here's the Base Build:



I've subbed out Hydra for Teleport Wormhole and I sometimes swap Astral Presence for either Galvanizing Ward, Unstable Anomaly, or Glass Cannon.


Typical Wiz stuff here. Int, Vit, AR. Shoot for Pickup Radius and APOC when possible.

Basically, Pickup Radius has synergy with Power Hungry and this does 2 things. 1. Keeps your health topped off. 2. Keeps your Arcane Power topped off.

I run 4pc tal's for the bonus and my off hand increases Blizzard duration. Of course I'm in lower end gear, so these aren't requirements for those that have the fundage to buy top tier items.

Frost Burns Frost Burns Frost Burns. Inexpensive and Effective. Get them.

Play Style

This build is extremely effective wherever choke points are abundant. That is, you're able to kite mobs through narrow passages (vault of assasin) or around trees (Festering Woods.)

I basically buff up and start teleporting around to round up mobs. When I have a large group chasing me down, I'll find one of the choke points in my area. Then, I'll start with the ray of frost as it creates an EXTREMELY powerful AoE for the mobs to travel through.

I regularly get 130-180 mob kill bonuses by pulling large groups.


MP5 Footage (with my crappy gear)


An Overview Video


If you have questions feel free to ask, or contact me through youtube.

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I made an MP10 Black Ice video on PTR and posted it the other day. Here's a link to the video:


The build I used:


If you get a full stack of Arcane Dynamo, it will not only last the entire duration of your Ray of Frost channel, but the Black Ice patches will be boosted by it as well when you kill something. It can be rather devastating once you get it down.
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