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Siege and Khulle Ubers changed

Posted this in general chat, but with all the new threads, got lost in about 2 seconds :

Did an uber run last night, and noticed a huge change in the Siege/Khulle fight. Firstly, Siege seemed to do huge damage (his ground stomp was 1-shotting me), which is not normal, having done upwards of 60+ MP10 uber runs.

Secondly, when Siege picked up someone he would not get frozen by our CM wiz, and just go through his animation until he dropped said player.

I am just wondering if these are 'official' changes, or did we just happen to have a bad game (happens from time to time). Looked in the patch notes, no mention of these changes.

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Not sure about SB doing more damage but on that freezing thing, I can confirm he can be frozen. Did a uber run last night and our Wiz manage to freeze him which is not good anyway since you lose 1 member's dps when he holds them.

Maybe your Wiz in the group is not fast enough in the IAS department or something.
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Fair enough. It just felt like a bugged run from the beginning. There were 3 of us that have done multiple MNP10 runs with no Problem. We all kept getting 1-shotted, and when Siege picked someone up, even if the Cm mage kepts freezing Khulle, Siege would just run through his normal animation and throw the person down.

Will try again tonight and see if we have better luck. We did end up killing him as a matter of interest, got personal in the end :)
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Yeah we did MP10 too. 1 shot thing maybe a bug.

Had more problems with the higher density in the Fields of Misery due to KW first find get free machine. Too large a mob gathered once u find the KW, lol.
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Re: CM freeze issue, this can be affected by latency since CM build is highly dependent on not losing ticks due to bad pings. In any case, these guys have become increasingly difficult to freeze according to wiz friends, with one saying that permafreeze of SB/ZK is only possible at 3.3 aps (no latency of course).

Re: SB, this guy has always packed a punch on his charges easily one-shotting many toons. There are very few people who tank the charge. Moreover, if your mage is having problems freezing then this means you will be exposed to the full force of the charge. Similar perceived differences can occur with the SK/Mags fight, especially with flies feeling like they're doing more damage without a bubble. So the two problems might be inter-related.

Anyway, I haven't even done any ubers since 1.0.8 so I'm just speculating based on my own experiences. Might have a go solo tonight or on the weekend so I can properly gauge their damage, but am still having too much fun exploring new routes.
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Did about 6-7 more runs tonight, turns out all is well. Must have been latency or something.

Siege still does not get frozen when he picks someone up, although I prefer that, as I can keep Khulle locked down while he just goes through his animation :)
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05/11/2013 08:26 AMPosted by haja
Siege still does not get frozen when he picks someone up, although I prefer that, as I can keep Khulle locked down while he just goes through his animation :)

Yup, confirmed this tonight too. Thank !@#$!
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