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Friendly Question For All

No disrespect to anyone and I apologize if for whatever reason this offends you.
As the title reads, I just have a question I am curious to know the answer to. Why are people (And I am asking about the AH; not the RMAH) charging tens to hundreds of millions of gold for one item? Granted I understand some are very good items but still....
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Short story: There is still trillions in duped gold that remains in the market. Everyone is trying to get a lucky break.
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Because other people who believe progressing beyond MP1 achieves ANYTHING are willing to spend that much gold on said items.
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Because everyone thinks everyone else just got a 10 billion dollar pay check. So now they are trying to score some of the extra cash floating around. Hopefully once the few who still have duped billions run out of cash, things will get back to normal. But I think its going to take a very long time.
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Waiting for another gold dupe bug and spree shopping for every 2beez items.
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This was happening long before any of the events of the last week, so don't let them tell you it has anything to do with that.

It's a combination of a few things that has left gold devalued;
Natural inflation, auction flipping, decreased game difficulty, sub-par itemization, lack of heavy gold sinks.. I'm sure there are more that haven't come to mind.
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