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Upgrade Thoughts?

Im looking to do some upgrades. I want to maximize the 800 mil or so I have... Thoughts?
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Maybe primary ring upgrade? I think i can squeeze an extra 6k damage for 200m.,,,
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I'd think you could upgrade both weapons, craft some shoulders, probably both rings, and still have a pretty good chunk of gold left over.
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If you are OK with honest advice, change the rare ring, Inna chest, Inna helm, BT pants, continue to craft amulet and perhaps bracer last on your list.

Weapons with higher DPS with CHD, OS, LS and DEX if possible. This will drain quite a lot of gold, so probably tweak the other gears first.

Inna helm with 180+ DEX, 80+ VIT, 6% CC and 60+AR or fire res.

Inna chest with 180+ DEX, 80+ VIT, 11+% Life and 55+ AR or fire res, alternatively, this slot can be upgraded via crafting or some might even suggest you getting Tal chest. Which personally I will recommend Inna over the rest in hope of replacing the Inna helm with a Mempo in the future.

Inna pants with 90+ DEX, 120+ Vit, with 9% IAS.

Rare ring with similar or slightly lower AVG DMG, 80+ Dex, 4.5% CC, 35+% CHD/9% IAS, some fire res or vit here but optional. You will probably spent a lot if you are looking at the same specs as your current ring, but I will recommend some IAS at this point, and if the price is too high, skip this first and get the rest of the items.

Amulet, if you have no luck in crafting like me, this slot should be rather easy to find some upgrades via AH. Mainly look out for AVG DMG, DEX, CC, CHD(IAS optional but if you can afford, go for it). In some cases, leaving out AVG DMG may not be a bad idea, especially when you can find one with higher DEX to make up for the damage.

WH hour can be upgraded with added vit and res here, with 50-80mil, you can find something really outshine your current WH with the addition of some EHP here.

The rest are fine for now, remember to use the helpful websites and simulate the results before purchase.

Good luck.
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Thanks guys, love the monk boards, everyone is helpful! I made some upgrades and still have nearly 600 mil left ( helm, pants, chest, both rings and vile ward all upgraded. boosted from 140 damage to current, with added resists
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I think with new weapons, amulet and a better WH, you will be seeing 200K. I would suggest you work on getting some vit and res on WH like I mention earlier, to prepare the missing res and vit on glove and amulet should you go for crafting.
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Did a bit more upgrading, added a !@#$ton of damage by adding a new primary weap. Not a huge fan of EF because of the fear, but cest la vie. Upgraded my WH to add some resists.

Was close bidding on an amulet that would have added around 8k damage... i even tried to snipe it... It was sitting at 51 mil, and with about 5 seconds left i threw in a 120 mil bid (pretty much my remaining bankroll) and got outbid. Oh well! I took the money, got a steal on my offhand (20 mil) and have some money to spare to hopefully steal another auction at some point.
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Nice, dude! Looking good so far. On to crafting!
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Now that all my gold isnt valued for !@#$ (why wouldnt they boost our balances if they are going to devalue their currency?) ... I'll focus on crafting going forward i think.
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