Diablo® III

Six sense Monk passive

Your dodge chance is increased by an amount equal to 30% of your critical hit chance.
I've been using this passive off and on as an end game monk. Just recently I've been looking at the number and they aren't adding up... I get 47.36% dodge from my dex which is 2736 with the passive active I'm at 53.4% which is adding 6% to my dodge, yet I have 38.5% crit chance atm. so I'm netting about half the dodge i should be from the passive.
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the diminishing returns on dodge start around 15% i think.
go try the mantra that gives dodge... or for that matter anything that gives dodge. you will likely see the same result.
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You are indeed correct: the numbers do not add up. They multiply. Each dodge effect multiplies against your "Chance to be hit".

2274 Dex = 47.36% Dodge.

100% (Base Hit Chance) - 47.36% (Dex Dodge) = 52.64% (Hit Chance)
38.5 % (Crit Chance) * 30% (Sixth Sense) = 11.55% (Dodge)
52.64% (Hit Chance) * (100% - 11.55%) = 46.56% (Hit Chance)
100% - 46.56% (Hit Chance) = 53.44% (Dodge)
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Appreciate the numbers, makes sense that it is multiplicative. At the same rate the language speaks to a flat dodge % - like many other passives that add flat % to certain stats. would be nice to have clarity in the language on certain skills that don't add it outside multipliers
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Yeah, it would be really nice if the game itself, or even the web guide, provided any of this information, instead of players having to figure it out and document it themselves. It's frustrating when the game tells you one thing, and appears to do something else entirely, because the phrasing is poor.
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