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PvP Guild (PayToWin) Awaits Open Challenge!

Hello Diablo community, I am here to notify you all that the very first PvP Guild has been formed. Due to an absence of a real guild system we feel that this game has a lack of competition. By creating our guild we hope to spark some interest in the PvP community via Guild Wars. We want to start a system where some good players can get together, create a guild, and then challenge players from opposing guilds in 1v1 or 2v2 matches (first to 5 wins). The reward will be bragging rights for being in a superior guild.

Players from opposing guilds can request matches here and the results will be posted.
There will also be an option to have a full on guild war, this is how it will work. A guild must consist of at least 5 players in order to challenge another guild in a guild war (guilds are not limited to 5 players).

5 players from each guild will be picked to represent the guild in the guild war. All 5 members of the guild will fight all 5 members from the challenging guild.


Player A from Team A will fight Player A, B, C, D, E from Team B. Winner is awarded 1 point for each match (best of 9, first to 5 wins 1 point). Total 5 points can be won by Player A for Team A.

Matches between players will be decided by first to 5 kills. Winning an individual match earns the guild 1 point so a guild member has the potential of earning its guild 5 total points.

That being said, there are 25 possible points that can be won and the guild with the most points at the end of the war wins.

We are waiting to see if anyone has what it takes to bring us down…

Guild Name: (PayToWin aka PTW)

PTW Guild members: Kira, TheRisen, MannerCookie, Mafia, Lornazondiac, Cyon, Mirai, SkyIsLimit, Wutongshu, LiberalDarkT, Apollo, Shisky, Scrapz, Saltydog.

If you are interested in joining our guild, please add (Asmodai#1359) in the game and make the subject “Guild Tryout”
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can i join guild?
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are there many pvp guilds like this? All I do on d3 is pvp but I don't know many ppl who like it...
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Thank you for your interest in the guild. Please add (Asmodai#1359) in the game and make the subject “Guild Tryout”. We have put him in charge of choosing new members of the guild.

As far as i know there are no other PvP guilds. We have come together and made this guild with the hope of other players making guilds as well. Its a key social aspect that is missing from the game that we hope we can do something about.
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Cyon, Nuddsac, and LiberalDarkT are our newest members and have been added to the list. Thanks guys!
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I'd like to tryout too
Edit: wd char
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send me a request and ill set you guys up w/ a tryout.


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Thanks to tamick and Apollo for the tryouts. Your names have been added to the list.
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you should choose two captains and take turns drafting players from the guild to split into two guilds. only way this thing is gonna get active
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Yes that is a possible way to get it active, but there are still many good players who are not in the guild (and for a good reason). We don’t want a monopoly of good players. Chuck, why don’t you talk to some players you consider good and form a guild of your own. That would be exciting and there are still plenty of them out there.
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05/25/2013 04:28 PMPosted by Refraktion
Chuck, why don’t you talk to some players you consider good and form a guild of your own. That would be exciting and there are still plenty of them out there.

honestly that seems pretty boring with a lot of time organizing and not much time playin.
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Why not ask Viri to join? I'm sure MannerCookie would love that.
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congrats, to newest member Shisky, also any awesome Wizards out there add me. We need to add some depth in our group.
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thank you... ^_^
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CONGRATULATIONS to Mafia, SkyIsLimit and Asmodai for taking the first 3 spots in the 6th VC tournament!

This is a huge win for the guild! :D

For those who missed it and wonder how the spots are taken up, here it is:

1. Mafia
2. SkyIsLimit
3. Asmodai

Keep up the good work!

Maybe you guys can treat the rest of the guild members to some Horadric Hamburgers to celebrate this occasion. :P

P.S. And damn it, I thought I will get a chance to watch Asmodai vs SkyIsLimit.
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Yeah, I wished I can meet Asmodai in the final, but Mafia didn't give me the chance.

I hate him! :))
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Once again Mafia makes our guild proud by taking first place in the VC Tournament (7th week).
Congratulations to him and Scrapz for taking second.
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I'll shut down the monks next week :P
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